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Is cutting shields just to get a full gate faster really worth anything?



Unless you artificially regain shields, it'll take 4s before you regenerate any shields after gating and even if you reduce your shields  (& EHP against all but toxin damage) to get a full gate faster after that delay, you only get 1.3s of protection.

I seems to me that this is only usable when you're moving enough that you expect to only ever take damage from bad luck.

In which cases, unless you expect to be one-hitted every time you're unlucky and to have a random shot hit you more often than every ~4.5s, having a damage reducing buffer on top of gating seems more beneficial.


I see the key utility for Rage/Adrenalin/Fury builds, but just don't really understand it for shield gating.

Am I missing something?

Are people using keys spamming abilities every 1.3s, just to keep gate up without recharging?

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Non tanky frames nowadays use sheild gate as their main survivability method. E.g. I could run mag with redirection, and primed vigor, and adaption and spam her 3/4 for infinite shields and become very tanky, but why should I can save mod slots, rely on shield gating and gain most of the benefits  In my experience, most frames that you want to use shield gate on have a decent cc so you wont be under heavy fire for long, so you will have time to manage shields 

Only needing to resort ~75 sheilds, with abilities becomes very easy as well with brief respite and the augur mods, and if your frames needs to spam abilities anyways you might as well get some free survivability from it

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Typical shield value is 300, with 25% damage reduction. In a high level situation that amount is gone instantly. Equipping the Decaying Dragon Key sets your shield value to 75, still 25% damage reduction, and still gone instantly when shot.

The only difference is that 75 shields are easier to restore, with abilities or mods, or just with natural regeneration.

(At high levels) 75 shields > 300 shields.

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