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  1. First of all your gun kills just fine. Second, have you tried aiming? You do 4x damage on headshots, which you seem to avoid on purpose. Third, why the f. are you using Viral + Hunter Munitions against Corpus? That's, like, REALLY dumb. Fourth, try using a Warframe with more abilities than a bunch of health - Inaros is the frame for new players, like a bike with training wheels. Honestly, for how bad you are, you kill those enemies far too quickly.
  2. That would be the expected result. Though the Treasurer might run away pretty fast.
  3. I recently killed one (on the Steel Path) with a Skiajati, modded for Viral damage. I have experimented with Treasurers during Sorties with modifiers before (similar to the Steel Path), and they were VERY easy to kill with Magnetic damage.
  4. Supposedly DE have in the past, for a lack of better balancing, applied some sort of damage per second cap to certain VIP enemies. People reported that their damage numbers would be lower than expected, and go down even further with fire rate buffs. I suspect there is a similar mechanic at play here, and it appears to be affected by the enemies speed.
  5. Hard Mode was supposed to be for people with optimized gear. Because if your gear already kills everything several times over, why bother making it even better? You won't feel a difference either way. Current Steel Path enemies still die in less than a second to optimized gear. While being "too spongy" for casuals, and offering no reward (unless you fancy endless Mot with a stacked team and boosters). It is lose-lose.
  6. Stop lying, a melee weapon with magnetic damage kills them very quickly. Not that you have to kill them in the first place though.
  7. Why don't you just play Arbitrations? No modifiers, play whatever you want, and actually good rewards as well!
  8. On the test server, health, shield, and armor were 300% of normal. Currently it is 250% for all. There are 2 problems with these numbers; They are currently too small, and they affect different factions to very different extents. A Grineer requires use of correct elements for smooth killing, but is too easy with such. A Corpus is too easy even with the wrong elements. Infested are just pathetic. Sentients are annoying unless using the Paracesis, even with the correct element. Have you considered using a slightly more nuanced approach to balancing? Try this for example: 500% health, 300% shield, 200% armor. Special enemies (Archwing, bosses/minibosses, Sentients) have 100% armor.
  9. I got a coin while playing solo, so you are exaggerating quite severely. Come to think of it, I was using my Grineer setup (Viral+Slash). Pretty sure you can kill one in 10 seconds with magnetic.
  10. No, I have heard similar numbers from other people. And I expected this to begin with. If you really stack your team and boosters (and stay longer) you can surely get even crazier numbers.
  11. All of Earth, Kuva Fortress, Lua, and Venus. Plus I started another planet.
  12. Yeah, endless missions with boosters and loot abilities are expected to produce this result. I was trying to point out that regular missions reward nothing at all. By the way, endless Steel Essence drops are definitely getting nerfed - best not post too many numbers and enjoy it while it lasts.
  13. You forgot to post your rate. Also, I already unlocked Taveuni, so there is no point in completing any more of the map I guess.
  14. As the title says. I have gotten 2 in 48 missions, so a 1 in 24 chance per mission. 10.000 Kuva was 15 Steel Essences I believe, so only 360 completed missions! At this rate I might get the armor set in a few years. Good thing I don't care for it to begin with.
  15. I was going to complete it, but I am not even sure I will after all. Cleared 4 planets so far, and I am bored out of my mind. There is hardly any difference to the regular star chart, the missions are the same, the rewards are the same (nonexistent), enemies are the same as well. The only difference is that I cannot hack Sentients apart with my CO melee, ignoring their adaptation. Status immune, armored enemies with 90% damage reduction for the win I guess?
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