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  1. The problem is, and has been from the very beginning, the way DE implemented Steel Essence. It does not drop if you play missions normally. At all. It drops like candy when afk farming for hours with booster and Smeeta. How is this a good idea? How come DE hasn't done anything about this despite players telling them clearly, and immediately, about the colossal mistake they made here? Is it incompetence? Is it "we know better than some random players" (you absolutely do not, by the way)? Is it this way for some ill-conceived purpose? The ways of DE are inscrutable.
  2. It kinda reminds me of those old point-and-click games. Some of those didn't make much sense, so you'd eventually be stuck trying to combine items at random until something happens. Crawling around, constantly clicking in case that garbage on the ground turns out to be a clue felt like that. And if memory serves, the crawling part has already been sped up.
  3. I tried. Apparently Infested missions have alarms on by default, also all missions that spawn more than ~12 enemies at a time require alarms to be on. As soon as a capture target is down alarms are on. I tried collecting enemies with Ivara and Noise Arrow, but the they stopped spawning, their pathing broke and a few enemies became immune to it despite still being unalarmed. SO apparently has alarms by default. I'd just like some simple, reliable, and somewhat quick method to unveil this Riven please, never had this much trouble before.
  4. If I was playing Nova, I'd mod her for maximum duration, infuse Elemental Ward and set color to Toxin, and use a Kuva Tonkor. It's what I do on my thievery setup for Ivara.
  5. That's unfortunate. I've been doing the endless relic hunt for tokens, should get you those tokens back a lot faster. Each step gets you 20+ tokens, and everything but collecting samples for Latrox Une can be done in ~30 seconds if you are quick. Use Amesha, it's abilities prevent you from getting staggered when touching terrain.
  6. Well, in the past we had combos that allowed you to move however you saw fit. You could walk backwards, or strafe, or run forwards while attacking. There was no problem with animations either, if anything it looked better than now. So the question isn't how should it be done, it is "why was it undone"?
  7. If you are using Corrupt Charge, the negative is irrelevant, and crit chance is pretty much ideal. I would just keep it like that anyway, since the disposition of the Redeemer Prime is going to become even weaker soon, so don't waste your Kuva. It's not like the Redeemer needs a Riven.
  8. Well, for farming you use Khora + Nova + Nekros. Supposedly Nekros doesn't work on Steel Essence, and all Nova does is make the enemies faster. That leaves Khora to be nerfed. For Focus you bring Saryn / Mirage / Equinox. There is nothing left to nerf on Saryn, and Mirage / Equinox are a mess to begin with. Maybe rework Saryn again lol. For afk gameplay and botting you bring Octavia. Since you do this solo you don't bother anyone else, and it's been like this for a long time. Probably won't change. The next thing to be nerfed will be one of the new Kitguns. You know, the most po
  9. Indeed. You could walk in any direction and hold the attack button to combo a regular shot and a heavy attack, while still walking. Now you can only walk forwards, and only with a regular shot (heavy attack stops you).
  10. We are talking about "overshooting" the enemy right in front of you if all you do is press the attack button, and conversely being locked in place, feet glued to the ground, when you press forward+attack (which in most cases translates to initiating the attack while running forwards). It's just dumb. And the worst part is, it wasn't always like that. Ever heard of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Because chances are, you are going to break it. And then, when it's actually broken, you suddenly cannot be arsed to even look at it again. They broke so many things with the stance rework
  11. Before stances were reworked, Vulpine Mask (the only rapier stance) had 100% unimpeded free movement on it's best combo. While the full combo was somewhat long, you could execute it with ~3 button presses because holding the button would be valid input for several steps of the combo. A real boon with high attack speed. It also opened enemies to finishers (or enabled stealth damage bonus). Vulpine Mask was butchered. Nothing that made it great remains. It's a damn shame, really.
  12. You'll have to explain to me, how you know something that isn't true at all, and can easily be tested.
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