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  1. I am under the impression that DE wants us to play the current Railjack missions for a month or two, they want us to farm hours upon hours for incremental upgrades and rare drops. This seems gravely mistaken. In my eyes Railjack is like a pinball machine that expects you to grind 20 hours for a chance to get a round ball. And then it tells you to come back tomorrow, as constructing the round ball takes 12 hours of waiting. Now hope that rare drop "larger left flipper" makes an appearance within the next 20 hours. Of course there are also bugs, questionable balance, untested Avionics, nonfunctional properties of upgrades, and other issues. But I am concerned with the image the developers seem to have of this game mode - it doesn't map onto reality as I see it.
  2. If you want something specific, you best bet is to trade for it. Took me almost 30 liches to get the weapon I wanted, and it has 28% damage... I would have been better of farming plat and buying that thing with 3x% damage for cheap.
  3. The capacity needs to be variable between -20 and +30. But then you have a choice between the old catalyst and the new one (like rivens).
  4. I have seen this thing in action exactly once. I typed in chat: "Everything is red. I can't see the enemies." The host typed: "Yeah..." The ability was never used again.
  5. Crazy idea here, but what if Vidar reactors could not have below 50 avionics (and thus be a dead drop)? Imagine playing a game like D2. A very rare unique item drops, one that is desired because it has up to +30% allres (and you need maxed allres) - but this one actually rolled -20% allres. It's just a giant middle finger in your face.
  6. The Cyngas. Oh, you were talking about the Cryophon? I guess that one got nerfed too.
  7. So the effects of the recent patch are: The meta shifted from Cryophon to some other weapon. Now 4% chance to get a Vidar reactor with 30 avionics after each mission. Missions take longer because the Cyngas no longer kills efficiently (needs about 2x as many shots per enemy). Try again.
  8. So I had a riven with "Sustain a 6x combo multiplier for 30 seconds." Was unable to get beyond 3x with normal gameplay, so I just spammed the block combo until I was done (which does not allow for heavy attacks). Just give me an option to disable heavy attacks altogether if you are unable to make this *#?§ work properly.
  9. Often enough I actually want to get on the ground again, to perform the superior ground combos. In fact I don't think I have used aim glide to melee after the nerf to slide attacks (aim gliding over small obstacles and landing headshots with huge slide attacks was pretty good). Anyway, being forced to aimglide is not enjoyable. Be it to be able to attack (as per your suggestion), or on autoblock (as it is currently).
  10. Sounds great actually. Except I would change the slam attack bit. Tapping in the air = regular attacks, regardless of aimglide. Holding in the air = slam gets initiated. Still holding on impact = heavy slam. Or maybe that would slow the slams down too much. Either way, I like the idea.
  11. After a couple quick matches I have to say, the weapons on some random Railjack were still underwhelming. Much more noticeable was the significant weakness of my Cyngas, compared to before. I needed significantly more shots (50%-100% more) to kill everything except outriders. Oh, and my Cryophon went from >15000 damage to >6000, it's critical multiplier went down to 1.5. I immediately uninstalled that thing.
  12. I don't even care to try things out until further changes, but let me point out that cutting armor in half does not cause your weapons to deal double damage. As such the Cryophon does indeed appear to be less effective than before.
  13. There is something else that I feel is sorely needed: Indicate what type of mission I get when hunting a lich. Currently I have to click every single one to check.
  14. This does perform a regular attack first, some of which can be quite lengthy. It also does not allow for heavy slam attacks. The issue at hand is, that despite there being a separate, customizable, key for heavy attacks, it actually performs no action unless the melee weapon is already drawn. It is simply faulty design, that will have to be changed at some point. For the time being it continues to be ignored.
  15. Since DE is supposedly back from their vacation, I figure it would be an opportune time to remind them of some of the things that are dissatisfying about the game. I could not possibly list everything in question, but let me start with a couple of things - others are invited to add their thoughts. All stances need a combo that allows free movement in any direction. Operator use is severely hindered by latency. "Running" should be the default, as opposed to "walking". "Phantom button holding". Button is released, but considered indefinitely held by the game. Heavy attack via holding the attack button is far too easy to execute accidentally.
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