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  1. I'd suggest modding for corrosive damage, using the primed toxin mod if possible, This is not to cause the corrosive status effect, but because the armor type Liches use is weak to corrosive damage, your Lich has no resistance to it, and it is a big numerical damage increase on top. Previous Liches being a lot easier is to be expected, the special damage reduction only got introduced recently. I would expect you to do a lot better when modding for corrosive, should that not be the case, try using a relatively weak gun with a good rate of fire. Supposedly, the higher your damage is at base, the more it gets reduced - even beyond making weak and strong weapons equal, to the point that you might deal less damage with a better weapon. If you still have issues, debuffs that increase an enemies taken damage work after the damage reduction, for example Banshee's Sonar or Equinox's Rage. Liches can also be permanently slowed - by up to 95% with Gloom, making them trivial. Personally, I've come to use a Tenet Detron. The alt fire works quite well. I also use Equinox with 95% Gloom, and about 130% Rage. Usually oneshots a Liches shields or health segments. This also works on the final showdown, oneshotting the Lich at rank two. If the Lich is at rank 5 for some reason (you want to convert it, for example), I just use the Necramechs Arquebex while my Lich is at 5% speed - not because it kills particularly fast, but because I just have to hold down the fire button and wait until the job is done. Hope this helps!
  2. As already mentioned, Liches have received a new, special, damage reduction with the latest update. Infamous for reducing millions of damage down to two digits (or less!). Because of this, life steal mechanics (recovering a percentage of dealt damage as health), like the Hirudo's, are essentially null and void against them. Melee has also been heavily nerfed, though this should not make much of a difference compared to the DR. That being said, If you can't beat your Lich in ~2 minutes, you are doing something wrong. To assess where your mistake lies, you might want to show us how you mod your Hirudo, the abilities and resistances of your Lich, and how you play. Getting grabbed by your Lich (which seems reasonable to assume you are), should be avoided, the same goes for letting their shields regenerate. As for the Liches abilities, is it an impact Lich by any chance? A Liches Iron Skin can be stupid powerful, if you make the mistake of attacking it while it absorbs damage.
  3. I've taken Miasma off for Shooting Gallery. So you are talking about Mesa's crowd control.
  4. I wouldn't call crowd control shady tactics, and the only scaling that matters in this game is armor - bypass that with slash procs, and the enemies level isn't much of a factor either. Also, are you saying I got lucky with life support drops for 9 hours straight?
  5. I don't think it should be easier to sustain life support on the Steel Path, as this mode is supposed to be more difficult. Also, it is entirely possible to keep life support up without using towers, if you kill fast enough. Here, an example, I only started using one tower everytime it respawned close to max level:
  6. You are kinda late to the party, melee just got nerfed a lot. The next thing to be overused/overpowered, and complained about are explosive primary weapons. Be it a Kuva Zarr, Kuva Bramma, Tenet Envoy, Tenet Tetra, etc, just pick whichever one you prefer.
  7. Added a comparison to the Corinth Prime. Spoilers: Corinth Prime is better at around 20m distance or more, has a useful alt fire and pretty good Riven disposition. Realistically, the only reason to use a Kuva Hek is if you'd like to shoot a single enemy in the face in melee range. Which is highly ineffective. So there really is no reason I guess.
  8. Quoting the wiki doesn't change the fact that 10% status chance is terrible for status damage, and feel free to dilute your slash damage with 60/60 mods in an attempt to raise your status chance - but your procs will only be even weaker as a result.
  9. I wouldn't mind them if Warframe physics weren't bugged. You can trigger a heavy landing by falling the tiniest distances if you somehow got stuck on a pixel of wall, or if the tiny fall takes a long time for similar reasons. Even playing as Zephyr, who should be immune to heavy landings because of her floatiness (Tailwind often gets me stuck, and causes a heavy landing after touching the ground 2cm below).
  10. That is not how status effects work, their damage is relative to the damage of the hit that caused them. So a shotgun with many pellets will cause miniscule slash procs per pellet. If you want to deal damage with status effects, what matters most is status chance. A weapon with 30% status chance will, overall DPS being equal, deal 3 times as much damage with status effects compared to one with 10% status. The simple truth is, that a weapon with 10% status chance is not viable for status damage.
  11. Normal attacks are irrelevant on gunblades, the number of pellets is irrelevant to slash proc damage.
  12. It's the same account, you just have to get them from Epic once.
  13. 10% status chance and slash procs don't mix too well.
  14. Hunter Munitions works fine for me, of note is that Acolytes have a DPS cap, resulting in doing fixed damage per weapon relative to it's attack speed. DoT does, according to my tests, the same damage per second as a noncritical hit against them.
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