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  1. These effects might have to be on one mod, removing 2 DPS mods is a tough ask. But I think having infinite enemy punchthrough and ricochets would be both fun, and effective. This could actually happen.
  2. Give me a mission with lvl 1000+ enemies and I'll do it. I'll have to bring some damage buffing abilities is all. Oh wait, there are no lvl 1000 missions in this game, DE doesn't balance around lvl 1000, and I am not currently interested in spending hours in one mission just to entertain you.
  3. WW should probably stay, as melee doesn't have multishot and status from melee might become irrelevant otherwise. Also, BR/CO/WW are (mostly) irrelevant to heavy attacks, which would need to be adressed as well if you want to accomplish anything. Otherwise fair points.
  4. Well, that's all true. So you want melee nerfed then - by how much?
  5. How so? You are welcome to lie to me and pretend you didn't write what you did 30 minutes ago. I don't think quoting people can be construed as toxic, even if they (understandably) rather I didn't.
  6. Are you pretending? I hope you are pretending. For your sake.
  7. YOU literally wrote: Do I need to explain words to you? You said every single target gun is bad. Ergo, you want every gun to not be single target. If you don't even understand what is coming out of your own mouth, there is really no hope for anything I try to convey.
  8. So in summary, you want every gun to both explode in a large area, and quickly dispatch bosses. Even the ones you get as a new player. Not gonna happen, is it? At least you can have fun being silly on the forum, even if the game will never be like you want it to.
  9. You use single target guns for single target fights. Usually bosses. I dislike repeating myself, so try to understand this time.
  10. Snipers are meta for Bosses. How can they be bad? Launchers wipe the floor with Steel Path enemies, how can they be bad? Don't try cutting your steak with a fork and a spoon. You might get funny looks.
  11. Probably. Doesn't seem like new players are all eager to get one at MR 6 like they were with the Bramma. There are better options anyway.
  12. Yes, that's bad. And a big part in why the Bramma got nerfed. No, I didn't say that. You bring the right tool to the right situation. You wouldnt want to kill a Steel Path boss with the Tonkor either.
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