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  1. I just did some calculations to correct another player, but the result may be of interest to everyone: Light attacks getting nerfed by 68%. Heavy attacks by 0% unless you were using CO. This might inform your weapon choice in the future. Now, I think light attacks will be just fine for most content, even Steel Path. They might no longer be sufficient at really high levels though. I'd also like to emphasize that DE said "90% gun buffs, 10% melee nerfs", then turned around and nerfed melee by 68%. Just because it amuses me. If this post confuses you, that is unsurprising
  2. 34x7.6=258 damage goes to 5x(crit),10x(orange crit),15.8x(partial red crit). 34x5.4=184 damage goes to 5x(crit), 9.2x(partial orange crit). The Bloodrush nerf reduces your damage by 42%. CO got nerfed by 33%, since the weapons base damage stays the same let's say a 28% damage nerf (this is assuming 4 status effects). Replacing Berserker with Primed Fury reduces damage by 23% (given that you have Arcane Strike). So expect do deal 32% as much damage as before, (a 68% nerf).
  3. The animations don't get worse with more attack speed. Infact, quite a few of them are choppy or unnatural, and high speed makes them smoother. The biggest reason why I like attack speed, is because melee attacks lock you into preset animations, with preset movement. Being essentially stunlocked and/or moved against my will is not something I enjoy, high attack speed makes both the "stun", and many movements shorter and more tolerable. Feel free to spam left mouse button instead of E, personal preference I suppose.
  4. I'd like to make it as clear as possible just how bad the Parazon is, and will continue to be. If the following true statement doesn't make you understand, I don't think anything will: I do not remember ever even getting the Parazon proc outside of Thralls and the Simulacrum, not during Fissures, not during Sorties, not on the Steel Path, and not at level 9999 either. The reason for this is not memory loss, in a Steel Path survival, killing one enemy every second is considered too slow. That's the kind of game you made. I hardly ever see enemies at 20% health, because if I don't kill
  5. Beam length and number of chains have nothing to do with each other. Also, the Kuva Nukor is not a primary shotgun.
  6. A somewhat in-depth explanation on why all of this will see little to no usage: Parasitic Armor: You never use both shields and armor together, so this makes no sense period. Hideous Resistence: Primed Sure Footed is an Exilus mod, you want more from an ability. Voracious Metastasis: We can already heal for free, or with Gloom. Supporting is of very little concern. Sickening Pulse: Extremely niche, doesn't work (?) on slash, expected to be underpowered on purpose. Golden Instinct: People won't bother to get rank 15 just for this, since everything else is useless, and since they already su
  7. Glaive Prime is as strong as before, just less fun. Meta shifts towards heavy attacks, and a lot of melee weapons with mediocre crit will drop in usage - resulting in future nerfs for high crit melees. Bramma is back, a couple of meta guns will become super popular, people will complain, and there will be nerfs. Yes, Bramma will get nerfed again. New Helminth abilities are completely ignored, most people won't even reach rank 15. Invigorations get used by 1% of the playerbase for clickbait. Parazon finishers will immediately be purged from our collective memory until their
  8. Do you know that Acolytes don't work in Kuva survival? DE has known about this for a long time too. Call me a cynic, but I get the strong impression that they actively do not want you to accomplish multiple things at the same time. Warframes motto has long changed from "Ninjas play free" to "Grind is content". If you could grind 2 things at the same time, you'd have only half as much content, and DE would have twice as much work. Do you know how many Bane mods there are? 16 regular ones and 16 primed versions. And they all do exactly the same. You need 640000 Endo just for the primed
  9. Against the Corrupted, Corrupted Heavy Gunners and Ancients are the one realistic targets (and Ancients have enough health for the cap to be noticable as well). By the way, there are no level 100 Corrupted Heavy Gunners on the Steel Path, 140 is more realistic. Why do I exclude Bombards, Nullifiers and Eximus? Because Bombards are very rare, Nullifiers die in one hit even to terrible weapons, and Eximus don't really spawn in the first ~10 minutes.
  10. That has nothing to do with what I said, or with my math. Try again. Steel Path Corrupted Heavy Gunners capped at 13% health yes or no?
  11. It's 13% because the cap (25k) is 13% of their health. It isn't clear how (if at all) impact procs will interact with the cap, but you could be right. I'll make sure to test it. There are 3 results that are reasonable to expect, 1. No effect, 2. 10 procs double the cap, 3. 10 procs add 40%.
  12. If you strain your eyes you'll notice a 2.5 million damage slash proc. Now explain to me how I am supposed to use a Parazon finisher on these enemies, when I have to reduce their health to below 25k but above 0 for it to activate: Next please explain to me why 1 slash proc killing from 100% in an AoE is fine, but 10 impact procs killing a single target from 80% is unacceptable.
  13. You are right. Bad math, a complete lack of understanding of how the game works, and new features being broken and destined to be ignored even after numerous reworks is what we have come to expect. Thinking another of these occurences would be worth mentioning was bad judgement on my part.
  14. There are some big problems here. Corpus: Scrambus are really rare, and Eximus don't spawn in the first 5-10 minutes, while Nullifiers die in one hit to anything. Steel Path Corrupted Heavy Gunners are affected by the 25k limit even at minimum level. At high levels (9999) the Parazon becomes literally unusable, with health limits around 1%. Why can't you make the Parazon not suck? Even if people slowly, one by one, kill level 9999 enemies after dealing 20% damage to them, how is that a problem?
  15. It doesn't, that is the point. DE wanted to change gameplay, but failed due to bad math. Congratulations on finally understanding.
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