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Railjack: clients, leaving the party between missions, loses gained affinity even after mission completes and team goes to new mission


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  • TYPE: [, In-Game, , .]
  • DESCRIPTION: [team of 2 goes into railjack mission for intrinsic farming, leaving the squad open so anyone can join farming. after few missions, random player needs to leave. going back and forth is time consuming, so we decide to stay and tell him to leave when we get to new area. after we see the "mission succesfull" message we go into new mission  then he leaves. he messages back and says he lost all affinity gained on his weapons. ]
  • VISUAL: [N/A]
  • REPRODUCTION: [I am not sure what happened but one needs to join a session with low level weapons and abort the mission after a few successful ones to see what happens to affinity gained]
  • EXPECTED RESULT: [Every successfully ended mission should be recording the progress and only the last one started should be marked as failed when aborted if team decides not to go dojo]
  • OBSERVED RESULT: [by the word of the player, he lost all affinity gained during previous successful mission we had.]
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: [I didnt have time to reproduce my self, but had to report here. If someone tests this, it would be very well appreciated]

PS: I had long play times recently trying to level up all kuva weapons to 40 and intrinsics to 10. my brain feels like melted. I need some time to rest, and cant really try to reproduce this problem my self for a while. 

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