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how u get a new warframe



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Rhino Prime is currently a 'Vaulted' frame.

In order to both create Supply and Demand for trading, as well as avoid over-saturating the Relic drop tables, Prime Frames and weapons are on rotation. When They're released, they get a year or so of time in active circulation - after that they become vaulted, which is to say that their relics no longer drop. Existing relics can still drop the parts and the frames still exist, but new relics cannot be acquired for love nor money.

Your options are:

  1. Settle for Regular Rhino - in terms of ability strength he's more or less just as good, just not quite as fabulous.
  2. Wait for Rhino Prime to become Unvaulted, which there's really no way of knowing when that will happen. Last time was two years-odd, so he's certainly due, but Frost and Ember are the next to be unvaulted at present.
  3. Acquire 200-odd Platinum either by purchase or trading valuable items to other players in order to trade that platinum to somebody in exchange for a 'Rhino Prime Set'. I recommend Warframe.Market if you're interested in getting into the Trading Scene.
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