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Sitting in Helminth chair causes that frame's ability to not show up


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If you sit in the Helminth chair, the subsumable ability of the frame you used to sit in the chair will not show up anywhere in the list, even if the ability has not been learned by Helminth yet. Whether the frame you sit with is primed or not doesn't seem to matter.  

For example, I have not subsumed Loki yet and I sit in the chair with my Loki Prime - his Decoy does not show up in the 'Incomplete' abilities section.  Same goes for Nidus (who also have not yet subsumed) - his Larva does not show up in the 'Incomplete' abilities.  If I use Rhino to sit in the chair (which I have already subsumed), then Roar does not show up with the other learned abilities. 

I can see the reasoning for having subsumed abilities not show up for the frames they came from as it's redundant (which was probably the intent before Incomplete filter was added), but Incomplete abilities should show up regardless of what frame is sitting in the chair.  It would also be nice for clarity's sake if a frame sits in a chair that's already been subsumed, it's ability would be greyed out/locked instead of not showing up at all.

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