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fishing animation bug


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i think i was stuck in a "caught a fish" animation that didn't start or end correctly.... i couldn't redo the bug... yet. and i'm not entirely sure what started the bug.



so i was gonna take it slow today and went fishing with ivara in deimos while watching youtube... everything was fine till all of the sudden my warframe got stuck.. not in a hole on a map. just in a normal location.. WASD didn't work, gear wheel didn't work, left mouse button (throwing the spear) didn't work, melee didn't work, unstuck command work but i still couldn't move... funnily enough i can still look around, aim the spear, and open the menu.... i was planning to let ivara invisibility went off and let the mob killed me. but realized that that's gonna take too long. so i end the mission and wen't back to orbiter.. everything was fine afterward.



there goes my catches....

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I feel your pain.

I also came across this bug 3 weeks after Heart of Deimos came out, specifically under that very large file update recently, and it made my gameplay experience suck. When it first started, I can still fish for 15 minutes before it pops up. A quick abort mission and the next outing would be very successful, plus zero bugs.

Now it is virtually impossible to fish three times before the bug pops up. I have to unequip/switch my fishing spear to either melee, primary, and secondary quick after launching at a fish because the bug pops out when you are just holding the spear. It is so frustrating especially when I need to go after Glutinox because it has one of the main ingredients for Son's mutagen and antigen recipes.

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