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Trading is horrible ???


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Isnt anyone else having huge issues with trading??

-I invite a guy to my dojo

-I open trade via my tradepost

-I click on an empty trade slot

-I see all the items for the catagory I clicked on but then blam... the UI locks up.  I can move the cursor  but I can not click on any of the items to add them to the trade window.  I can not hit circle to back the screen up or exit completely.   

Yesterday I was moving my tradepost so I tried to do the maroo bazaar method of opening the gear wheel and hitting triangle.   CLicked on a trade slot and lost all function.   Except because I didnt use a tradepost I was in trade with the other guy yet.  So they couldnt close the trade window for me.   Had to completely close the app and start it up again.   


If I invite someone and make them use trade post, it seems to work no problems....     I havent remapped any buttons used in trading... never used to have this problem so its definately not on my end.  

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