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Do arcanes work with exalted weapons


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All arcanes should now be able to benefit from exalted weapons should they meet the requirements and conditions

30 minutes ago, KnossosTNC said:

Yes, except Arcane Velocity with Mesa's 4.

Mesa 4 used to not trigger Arcane Velocity. DE reverted the change last year (April? iirc) and now it should trigger Arcane Velocity.

Some conditions are tricky. In the case of mesa'4 for example, Arcane Awakening and Arcane Precision. As Mesa's 4 does not reload and the shot are body shots.  Both of them would not be triggered. However, mesa'4 would still benefit from the arcanes by triggering them with a secondary weapon first, then switch back to mesa'4.

So the word should be trigger instead of work with.  For more information, you could check on warframe fandom. On each arcane's page, the notes should tell you which exalted weapon(s) do(es) not benefit from/trigger the arcane.

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