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Warframe Concept - Nanye’hi, Totem Master.


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Nanye’hi – Totem Master.

NB: Concept is alittle complex in its concept. Advise reading though twice to get the idea of what it can do / how the whole kit works. Obviously all stats are examples based on how i'd think the ability should work, but arnt necessarily fully balanced.


Working around the theming of totems, thought a look of a native American tribesman would be interesting. Thinking armor plating over a slim frame. Leaning more to a female look, but could be either. Less warrior, more builder / wise man. Adorned with feathers (conrac?) and beads. Animal designs on armor perhaps, like shoulders in the shape of a kubradon, ect. Animations would be soft, gentle movements.



Based around a totem, Warframe has 3 containers stacked vertically on the UI above abilities (see ability 1 for details). Each colour within a container gives the Warframe a passive buff. 3 buffs can be active at once. 3 Red buffs Present on mission start.

Red: +1% max hp regen per second, Blue: +0.5 energy regen per second, Yellow: +10% Base armor increase.

(Colours for reference only, true colours may be different, or be symbols instead. Like the idea of animal shapes, but concept is clearer with primary colours).


Ability 1) 0 energy) Tap & Hold


Tapping the ability cycles between 3 colours. Red, Blue & Yellow. Holding the ability causes the chosen colour to be slotted onto the passive ‘containers’. The newest cast colour is placed at the top container, with previously cast colours moving down one container. The colour at the lowest container is removed at cast (only 3 are maintained). Should be a one handed cast, and should be short.

NB – The ability is designated as a 0 energy cast for two reasons. Firstly it, outside of the passive, doesn’t do anything on its own. Though it is core to the frames ability. Secondly I envision that this ability will be used almost constantly, and freeing the player from worries over spending energy will make the frame more enjoyable, but also encourage on the fly experimentation. It also helps that it makes the frame stand out alittle from the normal flow of frame design.




Ability 2) 50 energy) Tap

Casts on crosshair location. Spawns a 3 segment high totem at location. Each totem segment performs a separate function, or combine to enhance the function of a totem of the same colour (having 3 reds would produce 1 attack with 3x power). Each colour totem piece also adds a stacking unique buff to the totem as a whole. Lasts 30 seconds.

Red Totem – Shoots a beam of flame (think like ignis) at up to 3 nearby enemies for 5 seconds every 10 seconds. Only 1 flame can target a single enemy. AoE can hit more that 1 however. Has 30% status chance. 15% Critical chance. x2.2 Crit damage.

Each red component increases totem damage by 20% of base.


Blue Totem – Releases a AoE electric shock, hitting all enemies in range, for 3 seconds every 15 seconds. Has 80% status chance. 20% Critical chance. X1.6 Crit damage.

Each Blue component decreases totem cooldown by a 20% of base. (note: Doesn’t effect attack duration, just how often the attack can occur. Cannot be shorter that duration of attack).


Yellow Totem – Fires a high damage puncture beam at a single nearby target for 7 seconds every 20 seconds. Has 10% status chance. 40% Critical chance. X3.0 Crit damage.

Each Yellow component increases totem range by a 20%.


Strength = Damage of totem attacks. Continuity = Totem duration. Range = Range of totem weapons.


Ability 3) 75 Energy) Tap


Summons an immortal animal familiar made of light. The familiar becomes a priority target for nearby enemies, drawing fire. Lasts 40 seconds. Moves around like a pet would. On summon, gives buffs to the Warframe and any allies near the familiar depending on colours in containers. Container composition also effects the type of summon, though at present this would be cosmetic, as the familiar is a survival / buff ability.

More Red: Summons a strong familiar. Thinking like a Bear. Maybe a Horrasque or Stover

More Blue: Summons an agile familiar. Thinking like a Wolf. Maybe a Virmink?

More Yellow: Summons a tough familiar. Thinking like an Armadillo. Maybe a Bolarola?

Equal Colours: Summons a random familiar.



Per Red Container – Picking up a health orb also restores 30% of max shields.

Per Blue Container – Picking up an energy orb also restores 40% of magazine.

Per Yellow Container – Picking up ammo increases damage for primary and secondary weapons by 15%. Buff lasts 5 seconds (doesn’t stack).


Strength = Increases aggro priority. Continuity = Increases familiar duration. Range = Increases Range of ally buff.



Ability 4) 100 energy) Hold

Casts on crosshair location. Can be held for up to 5 seconds each second increases AoE by 50%. Lasts 10 seconds per second held.

Creates a swamp like area on the cast point. Enemies are slowed by 5% move speed every 0.5 seconds they are standing on the AoE. Once out of the AoE, they regain 5% move speed every second. Any enemies inside the AoE with 20 stacks (-100% move speed) are opened to finishers.

Performs additional action depending on the container colours present on cast.

Has Red: Deals damage equal to 2% of max hp each time a stack is added. (Note, due to needing 1 red to get this, the default % is always 3% each stack tick)

Has Blue: Reduces Accuracy of enemies inside the AoE by 3% per slow stack.

Has Yellow: Increases Damage taken for enemies inside the AoE by 1% per slow stack.


Additionally the AoE receives bonuses depending on the composition of containers on cast.

Per Red Container – Increases the % numbers of the ‘More X’ sections by 1.

Per Blue Container – Increases the duration of the ability by 0.5 seconds for each unit killed in the AoE.

Per Yellow Container – Increases the range of the ability by 1% base range for each unit killed in the AoE.

Strength = Increases finisher multiplier on enemies reaching 20 stacks. Continuity = Increases ability duration. Range = Increases ability Range.

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1 hour ago, (XB1)RanskyNoodles said:

I completely agree with this frame, they sound awesome! I would buff the final just a bit, make health go down by 2% stacked on how long they're inside the swamp?

Glad you like the sound of it.

In replying i had a thought. It would actually be higher than 1% every 0.5 seconds, because you need 2 Reds to get this effect. So i guess default is 3%. Im going to edit it to be that those effects trigger if you have at least 1 of the colours present. That seems like the 1% might be enough as you only need 1 red to get it, and that automatically makes it a +1% (so 2%).

Still, i take your point here. I wasnt thinking of it as a nuke ability, and more a debuff. So im changing it from damage to making enemies take more damage per stack.


So i was editing and realised that I had damage increase and armor reduction, which seemed silly. So I altered yellow to just be damage reduction. Updated damage for red, with clarifying note. Did add that extra %, more so that it would be 5% per 0.5 second tick. So 10 seconds to drop 100% hp (death at full slow stacks). This doesnt seem too op, as 10 seconds is a long time to kill most things in warframe, and you cant really modify that % with strength.

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