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  1. Not sure you understood the point. I meant that they're propably not going to allow mods until they can 100% make kdrives work indoors. Less variables for bugfixing and tuning that way. So it may happen in the future.
  2. Honestly im finding doing high level Railjack is good. Those weapons and stuff sell for alot of endo.
  3. I think its because kdrive indoors is broken already, and adding mods wouldnt help it. Maybe in the future they might.
  4. Weapon wise, this is a good shotgun that works basically like a rifle: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Astilla I'd also look at getting one of these: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ignis_Wraith Other than that, the only advice i can give is to look for mods / get endo. Maybe try doing more Railjack. Arbitrations arnt that much harder than regular missions, just hit the drones. Maybe focus on farming relics and getting prime gear.
  5. Na, Its tonally pretty similar to how it was, its just the effects and stuff are better and more pronounced. The game did used to be more straight laced, i remember the devs saying they'd never be putting emotes in. That was pre-xbox though i think.
  6. Theres on average 2-4 dens a level. Expected returns is an egg every 4-5 runs.
  7. You're right, those people trying to seflishly help you make sales assuming your missinformed. They should mind their own buisness and let you scam people as you like. How dare they probably find a more reasonable price after you've knowingly marked up your own prices. They're not entirely valid. OP has a right to mark up their items compared to the 'average' price. But others have the right to provide feedback on that. Its the give and take of the situation. This. I dont know why the OP is mad because people assume they dont know the average prices, instead of assuming hes basically scamming people. Your not tricking people, no. What you are doing however is selling at an inflated price in the hopes that you might sell to someone who doesnt know they can get it cheaper. Im sure that at no point do you say 'btw you can get this 30% cheaper via this website. Not that you have to do this, but the point is that if you are knowingly selling at inflated prices to vunerable people (aka, those who are yet to understand the economy of trading) then you shouldnt be posting complaining that those your trying to scam treat you without respect. Not how it works im afraid. If someone sepends more time than you farming it, its not worth more as a product. They cant say to me "i spent 2 hours more than the average to farm this, so you have to pay 50 plat more" and then i just have to accept it. Equally, if you get lucky and farm it 2 hours quicker than average, i cant demand you sell it for less. Thats not whats happening here. You may want to re-read what you've typed, from the perspective of a buyer. Its a very different story. What you've said amounts to: "When i try to overcharge people for things, i get messages telling me im overcharging" "When people realise im overcharging them the leave without saying anything or send me a message" All in all, its not a good look on your part. I realise you likely see yourself as the victim here, but for the majority of people your not.
  8. Most delux things are universal, aside from auxillery items. In this case its probably because the cloak itself is rigged to the specific shape of the delux skin.
  9. Yea, they mentioned this on the tennogen art stream, that someone had taken the time to make it, but in the end the sword was just too damn long for the sheath to work so it got cut.
  10. Things like cyphers, formorian disrupters and apothics should just work without needing to equip them. Those tike disrupters should activate under the conditions (like everyone gathering in the core) because manual activation is pointless. Dragon keys are an exeption as you do have that additional effect to carry them. They should be visibly greyed out, but if they disapeared from the hotbar it would much up my hotkeys
  11. Yea, i wish the material of the finish didnt effect the colour.
  12. Yea, ive been booted from sortie parties like this.
  13. It doesnt need to be top tier though. Its a fairly low level event to get it from.
  14. Warframe Market puts the going price at 450 average. Not likely to find one for 100. https://warframe.market/items/basmu_blueprint Also, not sure feedback is the best place for this.
  15. Nidus Prime isnt counted as Nidus as far as Invigorations are concerned.
  16. And most of the time, the payoff of having someone afk for alittle bit and come back is better than doing it 3 man from then on. It would also bypass concerns of people kicking for arbitrary reasons, as you wouldnt be able to unless they were afk.
  17. Compromise: Vote to kick, only activating if a player is designated by the system as 'AFK'. So you cant kick just because they've taken a limbo or whatever, and if someone says they've got to let the dog out or whatever you can wait.
  18. You wish. Im saying December 31st. That way anything earlier is a pleasent surprise.
  19. Never probably. The selling point of this weapon is its new and unique. The Next one will be strong.
  20. Remember that its probably designed to be 'fine' Its draw is that its a unique weapon atm. Later down the line they'll release another one which will have good stats, that'll be the draw for that one.
  21. Now the primed infested effect doesnt show at all with other skins or helmets. Is it possible to have the primed infested effect on when 'prime details' is toggled on?
  22. I work full time. My workaround is this: Buy the things i dont want to farm for. (you pay with time. either you play for a long time, or work for money and buy things.)
  23. No its not. I advise you check youve not got the wrong sigil on.
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