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Orb Vallis Bounty glitch


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Morning peeps, I've been farming to T5 Fortuna bounties for E1s since the Ember n Frost unvaulting yesterday. There is a bug with hacking consoles that happens about every 3rd bounty run, the bug stops us from having the option to hack at all n you have to fail the mission n restart. I've noticed you can't just select a new bounty from the dude at the Fortuna door (as the consoles r still bugged) n instead u need to return to fortuna n load into orb vallis again. Its a tad annoying as iv had it bug out on the 1st step of the bounty on one run n on other runs its bugged out on the  5th step which prevents the chance of the potential extra relic bonus. I haven't tried the lower Tier bounties yet so m unsure if its a bug with all or not.

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