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  1. Ammo Drum and Vitality?????? Are you actually laughing at us right now? Is this a joke? Are you trolling us? Any MR0 has those two mods wtf.... Those 2 should be Orokin Catalyst and Orokin Reactor Instead I honestly feel like Im dreaming or something, this feels like someone making a joke. There is no way someone could choose Ammo Drum and Vitality as Twitch Drops without doing so just to laugh at the registered losers, I mean users. EDIT: YEP! Those are meant as a "trick"! Meaning that every 30 minutes of your free time you spend watching the stream you could get something useful or you could get, you know... Nothing So cool!
  2. More like "Im gonna do what is called a "Belle Delphine Move" and Start Milking Simps like there is no Tomorrow"
  3. Bro... FOUR Skins for ONE Warframe in a Single Round is not Ok
  4. You can't Subsume a Warframe more than once But I would like to, specifically for changing the color of Flowers Its a win for those who want, but is a massive win for DE Personally, I made them all green so it looks like an indoor grow but if I had the option, I would make them all have the default colors so I can see at the flowers and guess which one is which frame.
  5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Bro the Police Car Mount is THE LITERAL REASON I left Tera It was DIS-GUS-TING, it was everywhere, it looked like literal plastic, the game started looking like Roblox, and Tera being Korean was already silly enough. I really need Warframe to NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE because the same way I had thousands of hours on Tera, and I was super engaged (best MMO Combat IMO) I saw that thing once and I laughed, I saw it twice and I meh'd, I saw the town full to the brim with those cars and I left to never go back. If Warframe keeps putting evergreen silly Cosmetics Im quitting, I dont care really about the combat, I will always have the Souls Genre and the other hundred of looter shooters, and the same way Im not playing Borderlands because I dont like the style and play Warframe instead, once it happens the same to Warframe I will go some where else. Its really sad bro, the Style and Aesthetics of the Warframe universe are the Spinal Cord of its identity, from models, to animations, to mechanics to the lore itself. [DE]Geoff, [DE]Steve, the old players DO respect aesthetics, we will support you in marking the limits of what can be seen at any time when playing Public. thousands of
  6. YES PLEASE!!! As someone who likes to check fashion at all times, these Silly Cosmetics but the Eros Ephemera specially, are ruining Fashion Frame for me. I never had a single issue with any other Wings Syandana, because those were made to fit Warframe aesthetics, but literal Bird Wings with literal Feathers should not be something I have to see everytime I play Warframe WARFRAME SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE TERA
  7. Can these Wings be Seasonal Exclusive? Relays are already saturated by people using the Eros Ephemeraand those are literal bird wings with feathers, they completely kill Warframe aesthetics for me. We already had Moustaches, Bunny Earsand Pumpkin Heads as Seasonal Exclusive Cosmetics and I LOVE those. We could use a Player sided Toggle, like we have for Octavia's Mandacore.And people who like these Cosmetics could use the Ears and Moustaches all the time. Warframe should not look like Tera for those of us who like the uniqueness of it's aesthetics.
  8. None of these Items have been sold for Plat. Neither they will be Sold for Plat. Im referring to Event/Seasonal Cosmetics. And.. Yes, it bothers me. And is not 2% of my playtime, is 99% of my playtime because EVERY Squad has at least someone using them, I like to play Public you know, and I like to check fashion. My Point is not the Item itself, my Point is the Aesthetics. LITERAL Bird Wings with Feather and LITERAL Bat Wings with veins DO-NOT Fit Warframe aesthetics by definition. Every Other Wing Syandana, specially those from Tennogen Those I DO LOVE because the creator make the idea of Wings fit into the Warframe Universe. Warframe should not look like Tera.
  9. Can these Wings be Seasonal Exclusive? Relays are already saturated by people using the Eros Ephemera and those are literal bird wings with feathers, they completely kill Warframe aesthetics for me. We already had Moustaches, Bunny Ears and Pumpkin Heads as Seasonal Exclusive Cosmetics and I LOVE those. We could use a Player sided Toggle, like we have for Octavia's Mandacore. And people who like these Cosmetics could use the Ears and Moustaches all the time.
  10. Wow. Thank you for sharing this, I had no idea this existed. I learnt something new today!
  11. This kind of course of action scares me, because if something goes wrong in the system and lets say you buy something but the plat stays the same, you could get permabanned on the spot. This is why Im very careful when doing trades, specially when the item Im Selling/Buying is above 1K PL. If someone does some shady thing, I could lose my Account. The more "IFs" you put in the flow chart, the more likely it becomes to get an error. Mainlining a single Trade system across all platforms should be the plan. Is not a matter how likely problems are, is a matter of how long it will take for something to fail, and the consequences of it failing. We all heard that story of a game crashing mid trade and the user getting banned to 2035.
  12. As you all know, Warframe will not only have CrossPlay among all devices, but it will also have CrossSave, meaning we will be able to Log into the very same Account on any device at any time. Now, there are a LOT of things to talk about when it comes to this topic, but right now Im interested in talking about only one: Tennogen Why? Well thats because PC players are only able to buy Tennogen Items via the Steam Wallet, while Consoles (PS, XBOX and Switch) can buy Tennogen with Platinum, and because how Monetization works on each Platform, Console Tennogen is ALWAYS a lot cheaper than Tennogen on PC, to the point players on Steam are a lot more limited than Consoles players when it comes to buying Tennogen Items, specially since currency disparity is a thing (7 USD might be cheap for you, but translated to my currency is a price I can't pay as often I would like to). Going back to CrossSave, this would mean (in theory) that you could open the game in a Console, Log in the account you have been using on PC, and buy Tennogen there with the Platinum you already had. Now, what has been the Official Statement from DE? Well... Nothing. Complete absolute radio silence. Nada de nada. So as usual when DE doesnt lead the Discussion, I like to turn to the Community and hear what you have to say. Because more often than not, DE looks this way and takes notes. And thats why is so important to start rolling this ball now, because if we let DE know how we feel and what we want, we might actually impact the final decision. I have my own opinions, like making Tennogen available for Platinum in all platforms would boost the total sales significantly, and that because Consoles already have Tennogen with Platinum, the system to pay the Creators accordingly for each sale, regardless of the currency used, IS already there and working. But thats just my thoughts, I wrote this to read YOURS. But most importantly, what I would consider the absolute most valid statement regarding this topic, and who should be the ones to have the final saying on this: I want to know what Tennogen Creators think about this. Thats it. Have a Nice Day Tenno! 😄 EDIT: This was posted as a Post, and moved here as a Comment. I dont have an issue with that, my problem is that I received no notification whatsoever. It would be nice to let us know how the Moderators manage the content we post. Simple as "Your Post was moved to the Main Thread as a Comment" Otherwise it feels like the user doesnt have control over how their post is moderated (which is ok, this is not for me to decide), neither they have the right to know how that content is managed (I should be notified about what happens with it).
  13. Same thing Im concerned about. Ive got Loki Prime for years, but I really want that armor lol. And I love the immersion of Tennolive Relays. When we got the Necramech statue and the Nezha Prime reveal, being there with other people and the devs, watching the new stuff with my own eyes... Man I love that, Tennolive Relays should be used more often
  14. Please tell me this affects Rare Containers!!! I haven't got a single Captura Scene from Earth... And I've been running CataLimbo and BoomXaku like crazy. With the Scanner Equipped, looking all over the place. No Rare Containers since they introduced those Capturas :'(
  15. As you probably know, when Xaku uses Vast Untime (4) they "break" and then becomes a skeleton (you can see this in the Customization Tab with the Toggle "Whole/Broken") The problem is in "Broken Mode" Xaku loses ALL customization (including Armor and Syandana) and since you want to keep Vast Untime up 100% of the time (because it stops your other abilities from ticking down) we never see the fashion in-game. Ever. The bug in this image happens when you use the Blessing Fountain as Xaku. The statue shows Xaku in Broken Mode BUT keeping all Armor and the Syandana. In my opinion, since A. This is something requested since Xaku's Launch, B. It looks amazing and C. Is already in-game as a bug, This could be implemented in any hotfix. That's all I have to say. And by the way, Xaku was lame when they came out but now is one of my favourite Warframes ever, adding the fact they came out in Halloween and I was born in Halloween, they will probably become *1 ARE one of my mains. *1 Thanks to Xaku's 2, the New Glaives and Dispatch Overdrive this Relic/Prime Farming Cycle was one of the most enjoyable I've ever had, maybe even since the Old Orokin Towers, and that's saying something. Thanks to whoever designed Xaku and their subsequent reworks. They are *chef kiss* right now So let me fashion my boy DE, please? 🙏🥺
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