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Request for a warframe that looks like this


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I believe I have taken this joke too far.



Name: Bairdi


In the cold depths of Earth' oceans, a guardian has patolled for centuries to prevent the invaders from outside of the system from making a foot hold under the Orokin's noses. Now Bairdi has resurfaced to help the tenno face the threat of the New War.


Being designed for extend solo assignments in remote locations, without resupply, Bairdi is ferociously protective of resources and incredibly efficient with them.




Health: 125/150/175/200


Armor: 150/170/200/225


Shields: 80/100/120/140


Sprint Speed: 0.9


Passive: On Bullet Glide, Bairdi uses her Spectral Strider Rig to suspend herself 10 m above any wall or surface for an indefinite time. All kills made by Bairdi have +100% gore. Bairdi produces 1 Zoeta Stock every 60 sec.


1st: Hull Cracking

Duration: 10/12/15/20 sec

Range : 2/3/4/5 m

Energy cost: 25


Bairdi wrenches a nearby 1/1/2/2 enemy(ies) with a Spectral Chelae (claw), dealing 100/150/200/250 impact damage on contact and 50/100/150/200 puncture damage/sec until the target is dead or the ability ends. Wrenched enemies are immobilized and ragdolled while it is being carried by the Spectral Claws. As Spectral Claws are not mechanically connected to Bairdi, and do not impede her performance of movement or use of Melee or Ranged Weapons.


2nd: Glean

Duration: 4/8/12/15 sec

Range: 2/3/4/5 m

Energy Cost: 50

Cooldown: 20 sec/18 sec/ 14 sec/ 12 sec.


Multiple, Smaller Spectral Chelae reach out and harvest all corpses near  Bairdi to provide the raw material to keep fighting. Each corpses grabbed on casting provides 1% Heal regeneration/sec and 1% Damage reduction for Bairdi over the ability's duration.


3rd: Deploy Zoeta Drone

Duration: Until Destroyed

Energy Cost: 50

Cooldown: 20 sec/18 sec/ 14 sec/ 12 sec.

Starting HP: 100

Zoea Damage


Bairdi produces small floating Zoea Drone, consuming one Zoea stock from her pool. The Zoea is completely autonomous, and multiple can be summoned at a time after each cool down period. Zoea behave similar to a latcher, but deal 50 puncture damage/ sec to a target with a guaranteed status procc. Holding the Zoea Summoning button down will specify a location, enemy, or ally that the Zoeae will swarm around. Each Zoea also leaves a corpse when it dies, and can also Glean a single corpse at a time to gain health and damage reduction. If a Zoea gleans at least 10 corpses and survives for 120 secs, it molts over 4 secs into an Opilio, equipped with its own Spectral Strider Rig and pair of Spectral Chelae and can perform Hull Cracking once every 40 secs.


4th: Gambit

Duration: 30 sec/50sec/80 sec/ 120sec

Energy Cost: 5 energy/sec

Mine deployment: 1/2/3/4 pod mine/sec

Damage 100/225/350/500 blast damage/ pod mine detonation, 1 m/2m/3m/4m diameter AoE of impact damage with enemy attraction wave.


Bairdi expends all of her Zoea Stock to produce explosive similar to mine layer Osprey pod mines. The mines are dispensed continuously from Bairdi for the duration of the ability. Mines do not disintegrate corpses.

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