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My Ideal Frame ( Helminth Inspired Ramblings )


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I've already wrote about how Helminth is very restrictive in regards to player choice/expression.

But that got me thinking again of what my ideal frame would look like if I had the power.

Just for sharing, here it is:



Must be Slim, Just muscular enough to look healthy and in shape, and different parts need to have a primary color ( avoids both hydroid prime where 1st is entire skin and also mesa where all colors are everywhere), also preferably symmetrical ( to avoid Loki deluxe)



Needs to be Something that makes the frame "feel" different when you play it. Most frames's passive can be ignored as they are either to weak or situational.

Best ones are Zephyr, Nehza, for mobility, Nidus, Baruuk and Atlas for passive mechanic to works towards.


Ability 1:

Damage/Interaction with Game Systems. This should be a projectile based attack. so it interacts with the gameworld ( enemies, gravity and objects ). it provides buffing to team with the augment and it has utility as it would generate an explosion proccing status on enemies. Maybe, granade like projectile on tap, a super focused laser beam when held.

Ability 2:

Mobility. I DEMAND, I NEED, I DESIRE a mobility ability. Exalibro's slash dash, Valkyr's spider-man reference, Hydroids Wave Dash ... those are the abilities that keep those frames alive for me ... damage really doesn't matter. You give us a virtual space to play in DE. then give us the tools to move about and enjoy those at their fullest.

Ability 3:

Survivability. I know what kind of survivability i want. Volt's shield ... but bigger and Curved.

I really dislike any form of damage reduction, or negation ... it doesn't feel right, in my head no amount of void magic can  turn an explosion from a bombard rocket to the face in a mild breeze.

It again de-powers enemies and it doesn't feel fair.

In my mind, it would be a really big shield on tap, on hold the shield gains momentum and is propelled forward, ragdolling enemies and pushing them away.

Ability 4:

Not a Nuke,   Not a CC.

I really despise them, as it really trivializes the " honorable fight " we're supposed to have with out enemies ...  what's the satisfaction of killing rooms full of enemies that cannot even defend themselves ???

I would love a gamechanging ability like Protea ... but that you can actually use xD ...

A Wierld Exalted Weapon is always appreciated.

What i always wanted was a rip-off of Shadow of Morod/War where you become ethereal/void going fast and teleporting short distances and other copies of you kill and attack randomly enemies near you ... a variant of Ash, because in Ash's case gameplay is stopped when he uses his 4 ( change made it better but he still needs to look at enemies or move the mouse choticly to achieve that result quickly xD). what i would like instead is that gameplay would continue un-interrupted.


( if i were to be more specific, it would have been a warframe concept)

( i wanted instead to make this to see what i valued most DESPITE what the game incentivizes, namely damage, among mobility, utility, cc, ecc. )


I might add to it later, but i don't have much time unforunately, probably lots of mistake :sadcry: sorry

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Quick sidenote


I realize it looks alot like Volt but with another Ultimate ability ... but that's my issue exactly!


I can't rely on or enhance the shield because WF is becoming bigger with every update, horizontaly, vertically and content that ignores the shield itself (sentient)


I can't replace the ultimate with an ability i truly love, as most of the chose ones are boring and thefew end up being in every frame, removing gameplay diversity.


His 2 is too boring on one side (press 2 to go fast) and hurs visibility with rffrcts and increased fov.


His 1 has that cc i was talking about, but it has no physics ... so it's terrible >.<

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Those sound like cool ideas, and I agree with most of them.
Also, I really appreciate the whole "Honor" thing. Whenever I played DBZ Tenkaichi 3, I always tried playing fair, trying to be first and foremost an honorable warrior, getting some serious Goku/Vegeta vibes xD

*Blood Knight Intensifies!!!*

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