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Prisma Skana build



Hi all, I'm planning a build for the Prisma Skana using bright purity augment and a riven (+104% status chance and +190% melee dmg). Should I go full-crit, hybrid, else...? Re-roll the riven? Im at 8 rolls already, I've been quite unlucky with the curse effect.

These are the 2 builds I have in mind for now, I'd appreciate any advice.



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1 hour ago, (NSW)Spektr3 said:

Ah I wish umbral formas were easier to come by, I have only 1 and I want to use it on a frame, I'll think about it. Thanks!

2~3 more forma should be enough to squeeze in an umbra mod without having to use umbra forma. Especially if you use 60/60 mods which have lower cost in general (9 instead of 11).

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19 minutes ago, (NSW)Spektr3 said:

Ah yes I will definitely go this way, seems more flexible. Also, I guess in this case CO will be a better choice than Sacrificial pressure, right?

I prefer having PPP (primed pressue point) and CO at the same time, without using the weapon aug mod.

And generally sacrificial pressure is not recommended even though it buffs sacrificial steel

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