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Isolation Vault part 79468844


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So. Riddle me this. Using the mech for any significant portion of the missio in iso vault will 100% of the time lead to inability to change back to frame and will fail the mission. 

why is this not already fixed? It’s an old bug that has existed since the launch? Why would anyone play if you refuse to fix game breaking bugs? 

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On 2020-10-07 at 4:25 PM, (XB1)R3d P01nt said:

I have not had this issue, and I've used my mech quite a bit in ISO vault missions before.  Can you provide more information on what is happening?

The mission proggresses to the 1st toxic part of the game. I’ll drop the mech, walk next to it with my frame, switch to it, kill mobs until ready and  switch back to the frame to drop the opposing mechs. At this point my options button goes unresponsive almost every time so I can’t use chat commands or even abort the mission that way. After killing the mechs and getting disappointed because the over hundred mechs at this point have yet to drop the last part that I need, I’ll proceed to guard the otak thing with the mech. 
Repeat on the second vault, usually at this point I can’t switch to mech anymore. If I can I’ll do that and repeat what I did in the first vault. 
3rd vault, if by some miracle I can still function in the game I’ll repeat the previous steps and find out that I can’t switch to frame anymore. I can leave the mech though and run around as an operator but if I get killed at that point it’s permanent death even though I almost never even get downed before that. 

If the others pull through the mission (unlikely) I’Ll get mission fail. If I’ll restart the game and manage to rejoin I do get back my functionality but will lose all my drops and such. Every time. 

That being said if I just accept that the mech in not playable and go with the fame only it’s almost bug free. Other than the mech bugs I have dropped through the map once during this week and the spincher refused to open once also but I have encountered no other bugs I can remember. 

oh, and now apparently they have lost my account but I think that’s a separate issue. 

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