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Can We Get A "Limited Time" Category In the Market? Why Is The Market So Counter-Intuitive?


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With the reappearance of Halloween items and soon to be Christmas items, I feel it's best to point this out now. The hassle of going through every section in the market to find the limited time stuff is really annoying. Making it easier to find the limited time stuff will also likely mean more plat will be spent. It's time this is a thing. 

Side Note: A "With Credits" category that shows all items that can be bought with credits would be AMAZING, especially for your new players. 

Also... why is the "Limited Time" not obvious like it was before? It was bright orange before market changes, and now it's just gray (probably changes with theme). This makes identifying the items even more difficult now.

It's all very counter intuitive to trying to get people to spend plat. If I'm a business owner, I'm going to make it loud and clear when I have limited time merchandise. I'm also going to make it easy to access and view. I'm not gong to put the merchandise in the back of the store with a stand-up sign made of gray text on black background. 

Following the previous topic... I feel it's counter intuitive to make the actual colors of items not be visible unless hovered over. They're all faded-out colors by default. This makes accurately perusing wares a long process that isn't worth the time in most cases. Like I said before, you wanna make it easy as possible to view wares when trying to sell things. 

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3 hours ago, (PS4)Rainbow_Neos1 said:

Right!? I'm surprised that this stuff is the way it is. 

Ya it do be like that:

DE employee 1: Ok, so we need to fund a trip to space and advertise it. All hands on Railjack!
DE employee 2: Sure, but shouldn't we real quick ask the UI team to revist the Market screen, and add a couple of important categories to it?
DE employee 3: Yaarr, Railjack. Let's go!
DE employee 4: Wohoo, space pirates!
DE employee 2: Guys?
DE employee 1: Man I can't wait to blast stuff with foward artillery!
DE empolyee 3: Bro, I am gonna board ALL the crewships!
DE employee 2: Guys, it would be a real quick and then we are right back to Ra-
DE employee 4: Finally, more archwing, am I right!?
DE employee 2: Guys??
DE employee 5: Yoooo this is gonna be amazing!
DE employee 2: Right, I am gonna head out now...

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