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4th time in a row: same corrupted mod as reward - always shown as "new"



Hi there, I don't know, if this is an issue or just extreme bad luck, so I hesitete to call it a bug: As in topic - 4 times in a row I got the same Corrupted Mod after opening an Orokin Vault. I would have initially discredited as an rng issue - but then the Mods were always shown as "new". That made me suspicious. Did anybody encounter something similiar? I really want that "Narrow Minded" badly but atm I seam to be treading water. Thanks.

Edit: Just noticed I got only one exemplar in my inventory 🤪. Well, I will try it one more time - anything stuck, maybe?

Edit2: Weird... now I got different one... ok - seems like three runs down the drain. Could have been worse.

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