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So is the market for DotD skins just broken (at least on Xbox) or have DE decided that we can't buy anything outside of bundles anymore?

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I know you used to be able to buy single DotD skins, because I have just a handful of them from each bundle and they're all ones I would want, which means there's no way I just purchased a bundle last time and forgot.  I was able to purchase individual skins last year.

This year, I go into the screen for any given individual DotD skin and there's no option to purchase, but the bundles are all still working.  The Liset skin isn't even viewable because it says that it's already expired.

I'm hoping this janky UI they've put in is just even more spaghetti code and that this is just bugged right now.  Because if they've quietly shifted all the single skins to being bundle only that's just proof of a not-so-great direction a lot of people think they're heading in.  Bundle-only needs to be dropped from the market entirely, IMO, but moving things that were once individually purchasable to being bundle only would be a new low, if that's the case.

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