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DE Plz D:

Whatabout adding Region chat to Dojo?  I for one would probably spend a lot more time in my dojo if Region chat was usable.

Also, featured dojos are pretty swell, but how about a toggle option to set your dojo public/private if you want to allow visitors to join?  A simple dojo browser with a search option might be a good way to check out public dojos.  I definitely think featured dojos should stay a thing too, I just really like the idea of allowing the public in to check out your digs if they so choose.

Lastly, what if a new dojo room was added that had most/all of the features of the Orbiter?  Or maybe just a dock that would connect your Orbiter to the dojo?  If such a room/feature existed and it was possible to set your default spawn to dojo I would expect there would be a lot more reason to visit a dojo outside of just occasionally doing blueprint stuff with it.


I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure Clem would be pleased if these sorts of things were considered for future Dojo updates.

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