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Some chats improvements


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Hi there,

Here are some improvements I'd like to have on chat to improve its user experience:

  • keyboard up arrow to recall last written message (this would be a must, really).
  • copy/paste from chat (we already have to chat). And to improve it:
    • Shift+left/right arrow to select text
    • Ctrl to jump to jump one word left or right (together with left/right arrow). Obviously we may want to do ctrl+shift+arrows ;)
    • Possibly support of home and end keys as well to go to begin/end of message
  • have a clock in game, for example in upper right corner of chat. This is in addition of message timestamps, to avoid answering a message too late after it has been posted.

That would be a good start :)


PS: I'm a PC player. I don't know how this would translate on consoles.

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29 minutes ago, pan.ini said:

display hour in upper right corner, or somewhere else in UI actually.

You can already have time codes on the messages. I am not sure we need an actual clock.


The other two suggestions just feel like things that should have been done already. So, they would be good to actually get.

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23 hours ago, pan.ini said:

I want a clock in game in addition to message time stamps. This is mostly to avoid answering 30min after it has been posted ;)

Fair enough. That’s something that seems a little pointless to me (I keep things with clocks by my PC). In saying that, I see your point and I cannot imagine it would be overly difficult to implement for those that need it.

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  • 2 months later...

Because of this thread, I've actually just now checked the Chat UI options :-). Never noticed them before. I've changed the font to be larger and enabled the actual timestamps! I just can not fathom why they are not enabled per default - seems like a no-brainer to me!

The main problem for me with the chat is that messages are way too easy to miss. It often happens during mission that I notice (relevant) chat messages way too late into mission (while in public - with clan mates we use voice chat so it is not an issue then). Same thing happens to warframe.market user(s) messages - sometimes I notice them way too late to reply in a timely manner. The chat message notifications are not loud enough (are drown out by game sounds) and the chat message auto-hides way too soon, when new messages are received (before I've actually noticed or red them).

I would prefer the chat window to stay on screen indefinitely, as I have a large screen and I don't find the chat window to be too intrusive at all. Alternatively, it could hide itself if and only if there are no messages (at all) or there are no new messages after my last deliberate focus to the chat window (by pressing "T").

I believe these three options could improve the chat:

  1. Show current time [on/off] (i.e. the clock the OP wants)
  2. Autohide [always stay hidden/after 5s/after15s/after 30s/never] (this could be a set of options to choose from, or a slider)
  3. Notification volume (and/or sound! I would like Vay Hek yelling for "Tenno!")

Alternatively/additionally, new messages could be in bold and revert to regular only once I've actually focused the chat window once. So there could be a fourth option: emphasize new messages (for XX seconds). This way the small persistent chat window could just stay on screen (if the user wishes) indefinitely, as old messages should not be to intrusive, but new ones will "pop out" more easily. If the user pops up a hidden chat window, they can immediately see there are new messages (they have not seen yet).

Just my 2 cents!

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