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Gifting System needs a Revamp.


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Swazdo-Lah Fellow Tennos! <3

For a wile now i have been looking at the Gift button in-game with some dread. Wile giving other players a Gift is something very cool, you never know what that player has already or if they will ever open your gift.

Back in 2019 during the TennoBaum i gifted 3 players i met in Hydron with the Excalibur Zato Collection as one of them which was more experienced had just obtained his Umbra and was hyped to level and Forma the new frame, the other Two players were brand new players with MR0~2.
The player with the Umbra soon opened his gift and i received the confirmation through my Inbox, later he added me and thanked for the Gift but i was very bummed out when he told me the other 2 Excaliburs which were his friends didnt enjoy the game, decided not to play anymore and did not get to open the present i had sent them which means i have 510 plats hanging on someone's inbox which i could have sent to someone else which would actually put the presents to good use.

Another problem occurred recently where i sent a new Streamer the Nekros Irkalla Collection as he loved Nekros and i wanted to send him a Gift as a welcome to our community. A few days later i saw him playing with the Irkalla Skin but i had not received the inbox confirmation that he had opened the gift so i thought someone else had gifted him the skin first.

What i wish was that Three features be added to the Gifting system in the game to help players either gift something they know will be used or get a refund in case the gift wasnt opened within a certain time.

1 - When Gifting a player in your contact, a "Owned" message should appear next to their names if they already own that item. Both when sending the gift to a friend or imputed name a Popup will display if that player has that item or not, in case of Bundles, the popup will display if and what parts of that bundle the player already owns.
If the Gifted player already owns the item or parts of an item that belong to a bundle, a second confirmation will be required for that gift to be sent.

2 - Add an Expiration date to Gifts in the Gifted player's In-Box for that gift with a 30~90 day limit, if the timer ends, that item will be sent back to the person who gifted it and they will be prompted the option to either get a Refund or send the Gift to someone else in their contact list.

What are other Tenno's thoughts on this?

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Pretty much all of the ideas offered here sound like basic QoL. I'm honestly legitimately surprised that none of these features are present, though I've never used the gift functions, so, yeah.

At the very least the former should be implemented. There are very few reasons as to why DE would not want to do so, as it only makes matters easier for the playerbase. More to it, you're already able to get that information when it comes to yourself, and player profiles are very extensive in the amount of data they contain. I have a hard time believing adding something like that would be any difficult.

As for the latter, it should, ideally, be implemented, though the more cynical part of me isn't too sure that it will. If only because that plat is cash spent, and that's as much as it matters. Being a bit more hopeful, it would be great functionality to add, since you never really know when the game will catch someone. The only caveat I'd mention is some sort of play time/MR threshold for it, if only because people with (EG) 500+ hours or MR15 are more likely to come back than people with a few hours and an MR of 2 or below. Perhaps increasing the time limit for the expiration date based on either of those two factors. Not removing it outright, though I do think a bit of an extended grace period would be nice. After all, I just got back into WF after a 2 year break. And just like me, many other people. I can imagine it wouldn't sit great with them to just miss out on a generous gift.

Also, don't mean to highjack the discussion, but was it ever explained as to why Tennogen has no gift options?

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