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Glassmaker puzzle help


I have no clue how to solve these puzzle nor do I have the time to spend to be a detective. I'm here to play a powerfantacy as an space ninja.
I'm not a sherlock holmes, I'm just a space ninja. I have no clue nor do I care about the nightwave, as after level 30 it's just pointless to follow.
I have also another question, is there anything I will miss like an item or sigil if I don't solve/ do this?


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Labelling this mini game as puzzle or investigation is just insulting for real investigation or puzzle game, there is no logic nor reflection asked to "solve" this obstacle. 

Just a boring and slow paced game of "search and memorized". 

No one can help you on this since the so called "clues" are different from one player to another and yes you'll miss a  two handed sword blueprint and an orbiter decoration.

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