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Hello since everyone are working towards MR 30 including me I recently discovered a bug with the mastery rank.

 As you can see my rank its 29 and apparently I have done everything accept 3 last levels in Railjack intriznsics and I am also missing 1 seconday weapon called Brak. Thats it.

But according to Mastery Rank which its shown here I am still missing couple weapons. Why?

It seams that I didn't got mastery for 1 Primary weapon, 7 secondary weapons, 1 mele weapon, and 1 archmelee weapon but as you can see on my post I mastered 580 weapons out of 581. So where is the rest of my mastery rank?

According to what the Mastery Breakdown its showing I am still missing 33k😥 of mastery rank from my weapons. WHY???😟

I hope that DE will see my post and they will resolve that problem.

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I’ve found a similar bug on Xbox, my profile shows 580/581, I should only be missing the zenith(login weapon). but looking deeper, I’m missing secondary mastery points, my twin vipers wraith has vanished, from my mastered item and shows 115/115 secondary items.  Furthermore, I have 2,244,002 mastery do gained, and am 5,998 away from mr30. None of that makes sense. 

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