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  1. THeMooN85

    Paracesis refuses to level after rank 30

    Exactly 5 of them. Every forma gives you +2 to its level. 5 gives you level 40.
  2. ZDRADA! Czy ja o czymś nie wiem? O_o
  3. THeMooN85

    Kody promocyjne do gry

    Nie muszę ale lubię 🙂
  4. THeMooN85

    12 Hours Kuva Fortress Survival run

    161,200 kuva... all for nothing.
  5. THeMooN85

    Kody promocyjne do gry

    Że co? 😄 Ty wiesz jak to w ogóle działa?
  6. THeMooN85

    Plague Star is the worst

    GRIND - get me 73 formas so ❤️
  7. THeMooN85

    Zakup warfrme

    Nie słuchaj ich, jak cię stać to kupuj co chcesz. Kto bogatemu zabroni? 🙂
  8. When clan synchronization? @[DE]Drew
  9. THeMooN85

    Chroma Prime Access Available Now!

    Rework Chroma or he will be just MR fodder...
  10. THeMooN85

    Chroma needs a rework

    As the title says... Chroma is not interesting, not powerful, not tanky, not dragonic at all. Instead he is boring, powerless, weak, useless and he's in the closet and nobody wants to play him (I don't want to play him). This forum creaks from genius ideas for his rework and no one hears them. Why? Why did you have to nerf him? Why did you have to make him so "meh"? Why did you spoiled all the fun? All above is my personal opinion, I don't want to argue with anybody, I don't want to read your opinions, so either you agree either you leave this thread to die. Thank you. I summon you @[DE]Pablo
  11. THeMooN85

    Kody promocyjne do gry

  12. THeMooN85

    Let us use weapon skins for Zaws!

    This exactly... on every zaw.
  13. THeMooN85

    Plains of Eidolon Cephalon Fragments

    Hmmm.... any ideas? /edit Seems i miss this one; The Lost One
  14. Just rework Chroma before he gets Prime. I'm looking at you Pablo 🙂