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  1. THeMooN85

    Mesa Prime Access Coming Soon!

    Really? Those accessories are meh af. No thanks. Just gimme mesa and weapons.
  2. THeMooN85

    Hala Inspiracji

    Chyba mnie nie zrozuiałeś... miejsca może i masz ale możesz nie mieć właściwej lokalizacji.
  3. THeMooN85

    which kit gun/part gives MR

    Chamber. There are four.
  4. THeMooN85

    Hala Inspiracji

    Odpowiem cytatem... - Czegoś was to nauczyło? - Miejsce, miejsce, miejsce.
  5. THeMooN85

    daemonstar's idea stash(w Artworks)

    I'm not using twiitter but I'm following you here, cos I love your ideas... shame that DE is not... maybe yours ideas are too good for them. I would main your beast frame. Brilliant concept!
  6. THeMooN85

    Chroma Prime Access Ends December 18!

    Bye Bye Banshee... no one cares.
  7. THeMooN85

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

  8. THeMooN85

    Winter Solstice 2018!

    Hmmm... I'm 100% sure I saw those yesterday on the market...
  9. THeMooN85

    Joyride Achievenent Bug

    I know some peoples have problem with Vallis Spelunker but I got something different. As you can see in game I did achieved Joyride challenge but Steam seems disagree with that.
  10. THeMooN85

    STILL no fix for the Akvasto Prime

    I guess you're going to keep crying than. Bye.
  11. Worse? LOL tell me it looks worse than yours ...
  12. Never had that problem... maybe turn off Legacy Color Palettes and/or Color Correction.
  13. THeMooN85


    LOL keep crying. OMG so big change... you have to use space and RMB instead space and space... really cry me a riven.
  14. THeMooN85

    Which Enemy Is the most annoying in Fortuna?

    Orbs... can't kill them... yet.
  15. THeMooN85

    Kolor celownika.

    Nie ma takiej możliwości... a jeżeli masz problem z tym celownikiem pokombinuj z ustawieniami. Często wyłączenie "Legacy Color Palettes" pomaga ludziom, którzy mają problemy z odróżnianiem koloru,