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Spamming Helminth's Marked for death for applying status (thoughts)


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The Marked for death (MfD for short) applies status as well for nearby enemies. I wonder how "good" it could be.

I've tried to put MFD to the Trinity prime (changed her 4th). I get ~200 strength for energy regen (~50 per pulse), ~128 duration and 30 efficiency. So you can spam 1 (sometimes 2) MfD for each energy pulse. The duration is not so good but I managed to spam MfD a lot. However applying status & spamming MfD at the same time is not fast enough. I've tried Zenistar (flying disc) but it's too slow (it requires combos for duration). I guess 2nd could apply status (my pc is not good enough to try it so you cannot check it with me).

For solo players I guess Protea's turrets or her 1st could applies lots of statutes but they are limited to only 1.

This method could spread a lot of statuses... but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. What's your thoughts?

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