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Let's talk Vacuum... again


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So I was wondering one thing, I hope this has not been yet talked about and that I am not kicking a bee's nest.

We all know warframe is a game where one has to move fast and constantly. We also know that pets are:

1. Useless in high level content(talking about infinite mode)

2.We all have one favorite and don't want to depend on having to select one or the other for different reasons.

So here's my humble idea:

Why not link Vacuum to MR system? It would work as a QoL improvement.

Say for example: for i in [0;30](mastery rank) make vacuum radius=i(x) where x is a defined for2πx.

So if a player is MR19 and radius eaquals 0.7 woulmd be the multiplier for a total vacuum radius of 13.3m ...(It would make no sense to me to give it a value under 0.5 or over 1)

If all pets  have vacuum, why not get rid of the mods all together? That way we get a slot for something else and all profit.

Why link it to MR system? So all players benefit from it but also give incentive to players (new ones especially) to reach max rank.

And yes this would mean give Titania's Ironclad Flight a partial or total rework.

IDK if this has already been a proposition and maybe I did not see it. What do you all think about it?




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