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  1. The event is optional if you don't like you don't have to play it . I personally opted out .
  2. Can't wait for all of the AoE frames to get similar treatment and target cap on their aoe abilities as well .
  3. Everyone was excited for the new content , this doesn't make us stupid .
  4. That's exactly what needs to happen and should be applied to weapons as well ( some weapons do significantly less damage compared to others for no reason whatsoever ) but this time around inform everyone first instead of slipping it under the rug 5 seconds before release .
  5. Maybe the enemies will be better off with a mechanic like we have for our warframes , the Adaptation mod . Let them stack certain resistance to a cap instead of complete immunity . Can't be hard to implement , since it's already in the game .
  6. I assumed it was the phone auto correct "i'm helping " feature 🤣
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