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  1. That's why i have filter for rando matchmaking , they can type w/e they want i just can't see it on my screen 🤣
  2. https://semlar.com Very useful tool as well .
  3. Played with a Limbo yesterday , only 2 of us in the defense mission - he protected the objective and i mindlessly pressed 1 while jumping around . We got the job done 😂
  4. Path of Exile just had a similar storage space reduction (+ some improvements for HDD users ) patch , good stuff .
  5. "POE at his current state has way to much to do.... " taken from the forums and it's posted today . https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2934650 Thing about PoE is if you skip a league that introduces some major gameplay mechanics , you're screwed .
  6. I'm not talking about the people that run actual well thought out good non-meta / meta builds but don't have time to play that much anymore . I was referring to the entitled crowd that will start crying everytime something requires time / commitment or god forbid skill and knowledge , and will start posting garbage like " all resources are outside of the game , why should I read guides to be able to beat ENDGAME content , I DON"t EVEn WAtCH Youtube111 , I shouldn't have to learn rotations to get the best gear in the game , RaIdErs ArE ToXiC , I want group finder and auction house because
  7. You can buy the warframe with plat and skip the grind .
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