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  1. And screw everyone else that already farmed it , what a good idea .
  2. Yeah maybe handful of people say this and guess what maybe this game isn't for them .
  3. Speaks a lot about the state of the game doesn't it .
  4. That's for PUG groups , which you may or may not chose to join . Public games you can play however you like whatever you like .
  5. I bet all these changes will come with even more optimizations , so in my mind it'll be worth it.
  6. This whole Nightwave system doesn't appeal to me personally , so I don't bother with it at all .
  7. I think someone mistyped Gara Deluxe .
  8. It is rather lazy to present such a diverse playerbase with only two choices .
  9. The under 10 others that upvoted this , what about you and them is so important ?
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