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I don't see my friend online and he doesn't either( but online tho.) (switch)



So my friend and I were just playing some casual murmurs and ended up finding the order of our Lich. So when we got into a mission and his Lich spawned and didn't get the order right, we said, "lets just leave," because he had spawned within 30 seconds of the mission starting. So we did, and when we got into our orbiters, neither of us were online apparently. We had tried several time to shut down Warframe and load it back up, but it still said we were offline. We ended up having to restart our switches but that still didn't work. At times he would be able to PM me in-game and I could see it, but when I would try to invite him, he would be "offline." 

Does anyone know what the problem could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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