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So while farming the new infested companion it was giving me thoughts on what should make a good new infested companion.

1st. Infested Spider:


Aracnecra uses cc it will entangle and trap enemies in webs they can be set on fire dealing heat damage.

Aracnecra can spawn small infested spiders to target enemies and when Aracnecra dies it spawns a mass of small spiders to kill it's attacker.


2nd. Infested scorpion:


Sporcorpian uses its claws to release toxic clouds in an AOE around it dealing toxic damage. Also uses rail in AOE with knockback.

Sporcorpian uses its to grab and immobilise 1 target and injected with a detonating poison. After death a large explosion of toxins spread dealing viral damage and spreading to enemies.


3rd. Infested Wasp or Bee


Armourbee shoots piercing needles at enemies to deal puncture damage. The needles stay imbedded in enemies and deal damage overtime.

Armourbee provides armour for each health or energy it picks up it increases critical chance and damage on any enemy with needles embedded in them.

I hope you like then and that they can join the game just kinda thought they could be pretty cool. Also if you need different one for building they can use different elements for they're skills, like lightning, heat, cold, and toxic. Because there are already spiders and flying bird things on daimos I dont think this would be too much of a stretch. Thank you for reading




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