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DE and colour coordination, how after 4-6 years is this still happening? (New Liset interior)


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To preface this, don't get me wrong, I love that you're updating the Liset interior, I really do.

But this honestly perplexes me; the inability of DE to stick to a standard colour format.

The new liset interior looks very nice, until you colour it, this was a problem with the operator room already, but I just figured the operator room would get an update eventually, but given the changes to the navigation area and main Liset room in v29.5 it leaves me thinking that any changes to other rooms will just result in this constant and sustained inability to colour coordinate by DE.

I'm specifically talking about keeping metallic portions of an item to one (or two if there is a lot of metal) specific colour channel like "Accents" or "Tertiary" (choose one).
If like me you use the 'Filigree Prime Decoration' in your liset, you're now given a choice; If you want a gold colour on the Filigree ornamentation, you also have to accept various areas of poo brown colouration.

Why? Like why is this concept so difficult? it happens on frames, syandanas, weapons, armour and now the Liset interior, it blows my mind that this simple standardisation has never been implemented after all these years.

So this is my colour lay out for my Liset interior:



I choose 3:11 on the Classic Saturated Palette for accents so that my Filigree Prime Decoration has a nice gold colour to it:



However, the new interiors metallics not only don't match the Filigree Prime Decoration:



But in many cases it's just plan not metallic, and instead replaced with a relatively unpleasant, light poo brown colour:
You can even see 2 separate metallic/non-metallic versions right next to each other... The weirdest thing about this is that the wall in the image below used to be black like the other sections around it... So someone actively decided to change that wall for v29.5 to be the same colour as whatever the metallics choice is... My confusion over this decision is bordering on an aneurysm.



And that's all on the new areas, more egregious examples in older rooms are the Stencils which are just yellow and Operator Seat which I can only describe as "I have the flu diarrhea brown":








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The orbiter updates looks great in general, but the color channels just keep getting worse and worse.

I have a nice bronze that works well on every metallic surface in the game (Grineer, row 6, column 4). I use it for metallic bits on frames, weapons, operators, pets, etc. It works great for filigree prime too.

It looks a little different on a few of the different metals in the game, but for some reason it looks wildly different on all the metallic surfaces in the orbiter.

And then for some totally inexplicable reason, it's linked to the non-metallic color on the Transference pod and the color of the paint on the stencils in the personal quarters, where it becomes an ugly brown.

And now it's also determining these other colors, where it isn't even the same ugly brown, but appears as yet another different color!

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