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Critical Bug: Unable to Invite other players on a Public Squad

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Due to the first Nezha hotfix which included PS5 changes, invites were completely broken. You cannot invite other players at all. A suggestion would be to work on setting the invite system to be like it was before the nezha prime hotfixes. Of course, I feel like it isn't cut and dry, but it would be a start.


(Also unrelated thing. Having psn friends will force fill up your friends list, limiting the amount of actual warframe friends. Would be cool if the lists were separate)

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Yeah, the invite system needs to be fixed. Another thing that needs to be fixed is the stupid "Session unavailable" message if you join your friends and then try to get in a game. I tried to join my friends and everytime we vote to a mission, it would be fine until loading. For some reason, I would get the "Session unavailable" error and my friends would be confused why I am not in the game but they are. Hell, I even went to public matchmaking and still got "Session unavailable." So I try railjack, solo... "Session unavailable". Try to join a free roam... "Session unavailable." I even did what everyone told me to do: reset your internet, close application, delete game and saved data, turn off your system. And NOTHING -- and I mean Nothing -- worked. Kept getting the same thing. I even made sure there was no other device on and sure ebnough, there wasn't. So DE needs to address the problems. I'm getting sick and tired of errors like this when I just want to grind for my MR. Until this gets fix this, I'm keeping Warframe deleted.

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