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Operator materials seem wrong


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The operator materials look absolutely terrible - the cloth is incredibly reflective for some reason, completely washing out all the detail in the textures. I'm not sure if there's also some issue with the textures, or if it's just the material, but this is at max graphics settings (it doesn't seem to matter whether I set it to classic or experimental, and I tried taking ephemera off, swapping armor pieces and operator cosmetics - no change):


It's even more apparent in motion, with the camera moving - every armor set I tried with fabric looked like this (the Emissary one is the only one that still looks okay).

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I was just about to make a thread on this, thanks!

Another comparison for Saita Prime armor:




New (my screenshots just now; ignore the slightly different colour selection):



The new version looks like a budget rubbery Halloween costume of the old version. Even the metallics on the shoes look round and squishy compared to before 😂

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