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*infested pets would be for sale if we could trade them*


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* Please be aware you can not currently trade imprints* *probably a bug* 
(but eh you can pre-book these if you like?) 


see below for breeding explanation/reasons to buy a pre-mixed infested pet.

sly vulpaphyla  200p two prints or  best offer

dominant genes: (ones that are visible) Zarim tentacle tail (cloned flesh resistance) , Plagen scaled mane (naramon polarity)

Recessive genes: (not visible but effects are still in play) Elsa mutagen (alloy armor resistances) Poxi antigen (presept polarity) 



comes with a naramon polarity and an extra precept polarity. (which carry on the imprint)

Panzer  (the rare breed) - 200p two prints or  best offer

Dominant genes:  Elsea mutagen (alloy armour - chitionus shell tail) Poxi Antigen (precept polarity) 

Recessive genes: zarim mutigen (cloned flesh) plagen antigen(naramon polarity) 



reasons to buy a premade/mixed infested pet: 

-comes with extra polarities so less forma needed

-comes with extra resistances so pet is more tanky

-don't have to waste standing and materials on mutagens/antigens for the look you want. 

-new unique color combos on the pet! seems to be a 50/50 chance when mixing on what color will come though on what parent, (including energy colors) ones brought from son always have the same colors/energy. 

-saves you the hassle of having to mix your own to make a buffed pet. 


things to note:
you still need a core and 10 kavat dna to make it, and you can't name until you guild. you can't mix with a normal kavat. 

you can infect an infested kavat, and take a vasca imprint from it but then you can't use that imprint for anything so it's not advised you do this. it's likely a bug.

so far I have found they seem to take (50/50 odds) both the mutigen/antigen from one parent in terms of what shows as dominant, and doesn't mix and match BUT I haven't bred enough to 100% prove this. 

currently not known if a recessive gene has a chance to become dominant (I.E visible) with further mixing, (though I suspect not)

I will have more infested pets for sale down the line, but it requires standing, son tokens, level grinding to mix and make +eggs/cores/dna. 

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