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Just a nice persistency buff to Revenant's Enthrall


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Now that Entrall's gotten a new augment that benefits from having as many thralls as you can, the issue with consistently having your horde maxed comes to mind, as they tend to die very frequently from allies (and the player themselves). However, I don't think it'd be a good idea to buff the survivability of the thralls. Rather, I'd love to see a buff to the persistency of the herd at large.

As Enthrall works right now, you cast Enthrall on an enemy to create a 1st Generation thrall. By damaging other enemies, these can create more 1st Gen thralls. When they die, they create a 2nd Gen pillar that shoots and convers enemies to 2nd Gen thralls, who can then convert more enemies to 2nd Gen thralls.

I suggest giving Revenant the ability to place these 2nd Gen pillars on his own, either by a hold-to-cast or simply when no enemy is targeted. By proactively placing these pillars in a number of key locations where enemies frequently pass, he could guarantee a steady stream of thralls. On top of this, one or both of these two buffs might be worth considering:

Increase the duration of player-cast pillars from 10s to 15-20s, since recasting in each key location every 10s might be too often.

Make the player-cast pillar 1st Gen instead of 2nd Gen. (In other words, make it convert Gen 1 thralls.) This would effectively be like having a guaranteed 1st Gen thrall at the location of your choosing.

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