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Condition Overload gives significantly less damage on Glaive throws and explosions


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Currently Condition Overload gives little to no damage to Glaive throws with even worse rates than Primed Pressure Point at 5 Procs

126 | Slash proc damage [Base]
334 | Slash proc damage [Primed Pressure Point]
3 procs - 143 / 5 procs - 152 | Slash proc damage [Condition Overload]

This carries over to heavy attacks
[Condition Overload]
[Primed Pressure Point]
and Volatile Mods
-no images because I'm lazy

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Damn, already month old bug. Came to forum to report CO doing practically nothing on thrown.

Test with halikar thrown in the leg of a Lvl100 Frontier grineer.

Throw with only CO and 0 procs: 382

1 proc: 396

2: 412

Throw with only Primed Pressure Point; 1010


Glaive Prime gave comparable bugged results so seems like probably all Thrown Weapons are bugged. Guys, trying to make builds with the new Volatile mods but bugs like this aren't helping...

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Confirming that this is still bugged. Condition Overload has essentially no effect on the thrown component of glaives. It does seem to increase damage, but not at +120% per status type. Maybe the code that handles glaive thrown damage calculations has a misplaced decimal because it seems to maybe be +12% damage per status type.

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Still broken. 

I used Glaive Prime with only CO and Astral Twilight (It's forward melee doesn't get any extra stance dmg) on Lvl 30 Corpus Techs after clearing shields with a Braton. I used an unmodded Banshee, I had no companions or secondary, and no school things active.

Regular, first portion of standard combo quick attacks from 0 to 3 status effects: 233, 513, 793, 1073. The same with Charge Thrown: 388, 401, 414, 427. To get the single proc throw I used the Braton Prime mentioned earlier with only dual status magnetic and Hammer Shot. 

There's also another bug I found in the process. Upon unequipping CO in the sim, you suddenly do ridiculous damage, for no apparent reason. I was dealing 1866 while unmodded on them, but if you go back and forth between other mods and no mods it seems to fix itself. It seems like It both increases the damage and makes CO work on thrown melee, but only when you unequip CO in the sim. If someone else could test that to see if it's not just me, that would be greatly appreciated.


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