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Bonewidow: activating Ironbride changing abilities


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I've been playing around with bonewidow a bit and noticed 2 peculiar things that only occur when ironbride is activated:

- Having her shield out and pressing the fire button performs a shield bash, dealing the sword's damage at the cost of 25 energy
- sliding, for some reason, deals the full damage of ironbride to enemies caught in her path

And this got me wondering: what if activating Ironbride had an effect on her other two abilities?

What if using Meathook would make use of Ironbride, impaling several enemies on the blade instead of grabbing them, adding poison damage to the blade depending on the enemies skewered, and activating it again would throw all of them in a single slash? Considering that Shieldmaiden disables Meathook, and the fact the throw damage is laughably miniscule, it would give the ability some actual use.

Firing Line is a bit trickier, as I can't come up with a reasonable addition that wouldn't hinder the other ability's new utility (automatically slashing after gathering enemies would take away the option to line them up and then skewer them all)

All in all, the concept of changing abilites while an exalted weapon is active seems like a fun idea to play around with, doesn't it?

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vor 8 Stunden schrieb Cobalt313:

Firing Line could include a low sweep of the blade to damage everyone drawn in and/or knock them down.

That does sound like a good option, a forced knockdown to keep them CCd for a bit longer while not damaging them for followups

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