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Conclave VOID (Conclave Idea)


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What is Conclave VOID?


    Conclave VOID is my current proposed idea for an alternative to the current in-game Conclave. While there are currently some bare-bones items in place of a “Community PVP mode” it is effectively defunct with the current community. First and foremost I believe that this idea can fix the current conclave that exists and build off it primarily using the current tools available. 


This said, what I would like to put forth is a Forge-style Conclave change. Rather than attempt to navigate the balancing that comes with a PVP mode, I propose giving a customizable game maker, akin to that of Halo Reach’s Forge and Overwatch’s custom modes. The dev team has already given players a base kit of resources through Dojo and decorative modes, as well as items such as the Simulacrum. With this at our disposal, the community could be the designers for your Arena’s similarly to how Tennogen has made its way into the game’s design and skins. It is my sincerest belief that making a full scale Map-building mode alongside the game-settings can salvage and renew interest in our Conclave without a massive time and resource investment into fixing the current system.


    Allowing the players to design their own PvP areas and settings can further give players the satisfaction of a setup of their choice with the massive levels of variety the game has. Allowing such things as control of player health/damage, lives, or win condition alongside the standard point based or objective based setups could renew interest alongside DE themselves able to curate choices and pick community creations, or even allow some high effort creations to find their way into a permanent addition to Conclave (Or even creating new game modes!). This change alone could greatly reinvigorate a lot of veteran players looking for more content and bring in new ones interested in the possibilities that Warframe offers. 


    The current conclave, alongside Lunaro, is content that is quickly becoming the “No man’s land” joke in the community. Reworking them in some massive overhaul of balance and maps will only go so far in terms of player interest. A full scale change to the mode at large could be intensive and only show a slight increase in Conclave interest. . The challenge for Warframe players has always been something they could control, thus it makes sense they dislike a single game mode or style that really is not well suited for that kind of player control, or choice. 



    One of the primary reasons I point to these items is the success of Overwatch, of G-Mod servers and of games that allow a massive amount of player customization, and the success of community content of your own Tenno. Should you decide to go the extra mile with this proposal, the creation of this would likely exceed maintenance and management within the team Digital Extremes has created: I believe the community would understand if you decided to charge for this theoretical addition, though this is not recommended.


Okay, VOID sounds interesting, but how could we do it?


    Using the bare-bones of the system you currently have in place! Simply giving the map options to start, health control, damage, standard or custom, with some of the basic modes in place, such as Elimination and Capture the Cephalon would be enough to begin. An edit menu for the creator and just giving access to game modes at the start gives players a lot of freedom. Adding further, or even just giving more rule or design options to the player could be something considered after community interest was gauged. Implementing the storefront into this system outright would be a difficult, and perhaps tedious, process. Whereas long term support could be sold or an advanced version of the stage builder could be given at a price. What exactly that would entail is material for much further down the line in development, but as an ignorant outsider looking in I believe this to be an idea worth consideration.


With a customizable game mode players are free to use the community assets like the aforementioned decorations and systems to set up gameplay that can be visited and revisited over the course of Warframe’s entire lifespan. Also, if players editing game values during standard missions or Platinum values is a concern, then an alternate/ additional server theoretically could be used to avoid this, allowing players to connect over in this additional server where the market and other factors are no longer at play and keeping the current game safe from abusive exploits or glitches. 


From this point the options only continue to expand: Further map building, new options or settings added in, designs and games that can come from a community system is fairly limitless, and requires little maintenance by an already busy Dev team. The community is already wonderfully busy decorating dojos and orbiters with every little item given to them, imagine what that creativity could be put toward larger sections of the game!


In closing,


I put this suggestion forward to DE and the community in hopes that discussion of Conclave can come back onto the table. It is currently serving little purpose to the community, as shown by Teshin taking on the Steel Path to excuse his existence outside of the questline. I only wish to see Warframe grow as a game, and as it stands Conclave has been stagnant for many years. I hope that if this proposal is ignored, at the very least something can come to change or even outright save the system as it exists now. I hope that any remaining readers find this at the very least interesting, and as always for my suggestions, I welcome feedback and further discussion. We have a wonderful community of creative individuals who have come to adore this game, I see no reason not to expand on that vision in any way possible and will happily contribute what I can to that community goal.


Thank you for your time,


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I support this idea! I agree with you that it should absolutely not break with the free-to-play model of the game at large. 

Designing new, even surprising maps is awesome. Limiting players to certain loadouts, weapons, etc... goes a long way considering the absurd number of conclave exploits currently available to the "grind mentality" player. New game-modes, win conditions, etc... would serve to always keep things fresh - this would go a long way to combatting "content drought." 

As you said, the amount of dev work might be high up until implementation, but after that players do the work themselves. I think this is ideal, and would revitalize Warframe's small PvP community, even drawing in new members: There will always be those who don't like PvP and want nothing to do with it, but I've heard many players say they enjoy PvP in other games, but don't do it in Warframe [due to a combination of exploiters, stigma, no rewards, small community, ...]. This idea might help to alleviate some of the current problems.

Thumbs up from me! 

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