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Loki steel path acolyte help



I use Loki for spy and rescue missions, and I will probably start using him for all missions but acolytes are kicking my butt.

I tried using a condi overload redeemer build with power spike in Naramon focus, but its taking too long to kill. When the acolyte rushes me i run away and use a decoy. They kill my decoy quickly and knock me out of stealth. Using [Quick Thinking] but drains my energy quickly. Tried using viral Acceltra but it chewed through ammo. 

Need advice on what to try. Thinking of going with [Savior Decoy] and Vazarin focus for protective dash and using Rakta Dark Dagger. 

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i would recommend magnus lockdown on your operator, it would CC them for a bit

normally i would run stropha, mod it for corrosive and CO, combo it with a status gun that can quickly apply enough of other status type for CO. When the acolyte flashing the screen, i would just try to up my combo counter as much as possible before hand, apply status with gun while parkour around him, then heavy attack with my stropha after operator dash the guy

with that strat, normally i would only die to the acolyte if the room is too narrow for me to parkour around, other enemies join the fight by knocking me down, or in one case, i "die" because the acolyte destroy the defense objective ... (or if whatever i was listening to while playing happen to be more interesting than the game itself)

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