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Isolation Vaults: Falling through the world with Umbra

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I was just thinking of making this same post.

Happens all the time when using Excal Umbra on Deimos, even on the surface for me. Upon transferring back into warframe, I am nearly guaranteed to fall through geometry into the void. It's not 100% because *sometimes* I don't fall through the ground, just most of the time.

Same thing happens when using the tentacle to return after finishing the vault. If I don't jump immediately upon teleporting to the surface, I fall through the ground. Almost like the game is placing my warframe just a little bit too low, so the floor detection thinks he's not on top of the ground and he falls.

Sometimes after falling for a while it resets me above the ground where I fell through.

EDIT: Playing a few bounties and fishing with Ivara and Chroma on Cambion Drift both on surface and inside vaults, I did not fall through the ground once.

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