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  1. That is the dumb way to do it, yes.....But you completely missed the point. Have you ever been to real market? I mean...the free one. Where people set their own prices. Im talking about that kind of place. You see, Warframe is not some "Apple store". Its free. And we here are free to evaluate it. As customers, we are free to ask for a price drop if we see it unfit. It happened many times before. Something costs too much resources, forum asks and DE drops the price. We basically bargain.
  2. Do you know what Cephalon is? Its human mind encased in data storage. A talking, thinking SSD. Ordis was Ordan Carris before. Orokin turned him into "cube" because he attacked them. If Harpo's right arm is a Cephalon, it has Someone's mind inside it. If Harpo himself is a Cephalon, then he will move on his own without Operator control. Like Umbra. There is no such thing as a "pure cephalon form"....coz its a computer with human mind inside. And Mind can't exist without storage. Basically, its better to drop Cephalon-x-Frame idea. Better go with Data ghost theme. Turn into Data and Possess enemies. Walk around as one of them. Possess Vault Guards to get access to Spy Vaults and to hack Spy terminals instantly....that kind of stuff. Cephalon is just not that kind of thing you want inside Warframes. And Warframes are a superior technology.
  3. Its called "bargain" and all smart people do that. To buy something you like at a cheaper price is an art. I also would love actually working Sheath instead of decoration.....or, at least, ability to put my Paracesis in it. Otherwise its just overpriced.
  4. I want Simulacrum to be a part of Orbiter tileset. Arsenal terminal looks like an elevator or a portal....can be used as entrance. No loading screens.
  5. Nope. Wrong. Recoil moves entire FOV. Reticle always stays in the center of the screen (monitor). Easy to test. Just put your finger on the reticle and fire. It will not move anywhere from your finger. Recoil must not do that. It must float separately from the view on the screen. FOV should not be shaken by recoil. Only Reticle must jump when weapon is fired. And its not hard to implement. DE already have code for floating reticle in Railjack. [Edit] There:
  6. Nice idea, but 3rd and 4th abilities are pretty bad. 3rd is basically Void mode, but with Cephalon skin. 4th is just...no. One hack to kill a boss? Never gonna happen. For any other enemy its just a worse Mind Control. Don't forget there are things like Revenant and Xaku. These can turn enemies with just one cast. Instantly.
  7. DE have brains and can just not add that line. I thought its better to add, just in case there will be more frames with breakable invis.
  8. Mod descriptions clearly state " Reduces the chance an enemy will hear gunfire by X% " . This is misleading. There is no RNG, and it actually reduces Noise Range. Suggestion: Arsenal UI shows Noise Range instead of Noise level. Example: Noise range: 15 meters. Rank 1 Hush installed Noise Range: 15 > 7.5 meters. Obviously, at 0 range it will state "Silent" Mod descriptions are changed to " Reduces distance your gunfire can be heard by X %." Add "Completely silent weapons do not break invisibility" if necessary.
  9. A very old login theme. War drums are always energizing. Need a quality upgrade though. It sounds a bit outdated.
  10. Agree.....but your examples still sound weak. This is the proper sound: Also, Warframe has no high caliber revolvers. Nothing that feels and plays like one. Only Euphona Prime is somewhat close, but its not a revolver, and its sounds and looks are sht. If DE were to make a REAL revolver, it would have Corinth's reload and firing sounds + Euphona's primary fire stats.
  11. Don't have the saw yet..... Does it multihit like Cavaliere? I'm disappointed if it doesn't. Saws are for continuous damage.
  12. This one is good. Invisibility is cheap and too easy... and DE refuse to add enemies that can see through invis and break it. Add this: In the darkness (see Mirage's Eclipse) Camouflage doesn't break even if you move fast. At 100% (perfect) Camouflage, detection range is 5 meters. Coz otherwise its just invis. 3 seconds is nothing....its going to be rather annoying, constantly flickering like that every time you roll. Meh. It works for Limbo coz his Void lasts indefinitely, and you don't have to roll constantly to keep it up... I thought you want to make stealth without invisibility? Do that. Get rid of all those "3 seconds invis" things.
  13. Or you can just infuse Baruuk's Lull to reset alert if you really want it. It works just fine. I dont really care about Radial disarm....but what it does is unique to Loki. No other frame can turn Grineer into Infested.
  14. If enemy is ragdolled or playing proc animation, Mercy can't be initiated. That makes Mercy pretty useless, and quite often enemies die during these animations. This issue was reported already.....I just wanna remind you guys that it is still not fixed. Mercy kill must pull enemies out of any animation, state or ability. Otherwise it should not be called "mercy"....
  15. I think that Invisibility must be a passive. Activates after all abilities, and lasts for duration (duration is affected by duration mods) Think about it. Decoy placed, you go invisible. Switched? You go invisible and enemies attack "scapegoat".... Allows you to keep Radial Disarm. Scramble is kinda pointless tbh. Loki already has invis and can avoid detection and cameras easily. Ranged hacking.....nah. Not worth it. Instead, his 4ht must be a Ranged finisher (Loki himself stays where he is). Loki throws/teleports a dagger that hits vitals of distracted/unaware enemies. Can be VERY useful in many situations.
  16. I never said you should dislike them. All I said is that their "wimp" is just a signal, and should be treated like any other's creature reaction to pain......ignore the graphic stuff, i just had lots of various experiences with animals, both good and bad. Knowing something =/= weird.
  17. You are not sensitive. Just....lack experience with dogs in their non-domesticated form. Sound they make means nothing. Its just a reaction to pain....Just like Human's "oof!" and "ouch!". A dog that tries to bite your face off still makes those wimpy sounds when you stab it in the gut with a crowbar...... And it keeps biting. Surprisingly tough. These is no sadness or cuteness in that noise. It translates to something like "That fukin hurt!"....or, more likely, just "Pain!". Its a sign for other dogs, indicating that something caused it harm and rest of the pack should avoid it. They generate it by instinct. I hope that will change your perception a bit. Coz its bad for health to feel too much sympathy towards animals....it can literally get you, or someone you could have saved, killed.
  18. Using Parazon to inject meds.....pretty cool idea tbh. I never thought about it. I think it also should be used to "disintegrate" Capture Targets..... You stab the guy and he disintegrates into particles, disappearing in the Parazon's blade. It would be much better than those old, static animations with stretched arm. Can even be used to activate LS towers....kinda like hacking.
  19. If it were just black, it would be ok. Black details match anything if relatively small. In this case, it would be fine.
  20. You get X% per circle. Also, you lose X% if you miss the circle. At 100% buff activates and lasts for duration. Can be refreshed by getting 100% again. Less circles in the song = more % per circle. There is no "best" melody, and you should just make one that fits you gameplay pace and doesn't strain your fingers. Something you can easily remember.
  21. Surprisingly, today most of the glitches were gone. But i have not played any other missions, went straight for Regor. Maybe its some memory leak that causes those stutters and glitches..... Glass on the 2nd window (the big one) is still absent though.
  22. Not really gamebreaking, but it ruins the experience. As in...really. His fight is even worse than Sister fight in a normal mission now. List of issues: 1) There is no glass on the ceiling. When Regor fires his fists to break the ceiling, there is no glass animation... Sound still plays, but glass itself is absent. I am sure it was there before. I saw it MANY times back when I was farming Equi. 2) Transition from stage to stage is super slow. Regor despawns....20 second pause....Regor breaks the window and water floods the lower floor.....20 seconds pause.....Manics spawn and you kill them....20 seconds pause.....Regor returns to get another portion of oneshot....and another 20 second pause. Pretty sure there is a script error there that causes phases/regor animations to load much slower than they should. It was faster before. Much faster. 3) Manics are very glitchy. Sometimes they remain invisible when attacking you. Sometimes they disappear without death animation, so you cant tell if they are dead or not. Manics (bombard and normie) on the second floor spawn unalerted, can be easily finished off. Not sure if this is intended, because before they spawned alerted and aware of your position... 4) Teleporting AI became even worse. Its like they can't control their own teleportation, struggling against it. Their AI tries to attack you with melee, but Teleportation says NO, whisking them away from you. And they end up jumping around for minutes without doing anything harmful. 5) Regor doesn't use ranged attacks anymore. At least he never did in 5-6 runs i did recently. I even tried to play it somewhat slow....but he still used only melee.
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