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If There Was Boss Fight Which Team Would You Support?


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this just come in my mind so here the team : 


Grineer Team : Captain Vor | general sargas ruk | Lieutenant lech kril and Tyl Regor (sorry Kela you are out for this battle)


Corpus : Sgt Nef anyo  | Hyena |Jackal (Dark sector one is more deadly way more) and Ambulas (Maybe Raptor instead of Jackal...)


(Only 3 boss for infested so didn't put them and Lephantis is a bit oversized)


So which team would you support ?which one would win (Corpus don't have real boss those guys need a little upgrade...)


Note : There would be no Tenno in , (maybe stalker if he care to join any side?) like the current event  :


Minion + boss  , every boss Level 50 with 10x HP (to make it more fun and no random) and half damage cut 


Would you go for corpus ?or Grineer?

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Corpus bosses can insta kill whole teams of Tenno, having more then one of them to deal with at the same time? I'd still help the Corpus cause I want them to win, but I'd recommend everyone else running a full team of Trinity....or have a Frost or something, cause you all gonna die if not. (Corpus wouldn't need Tenno help at all if they were using Hyena, Jackal, and Raptor...)

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