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Kill It With Fire (Burn 100 Infested pods.)


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It was written that the problem here has been fixed.
However, it still doesn't work.


[url = https: //hizliresim.com/Sp0pcQ] [img] https://i.hizliresim.com/ruytsk.jpg [/ img] [/ url]

This task is not done.
When will it be fixed?
And this task is not available on Steam.

If it works properly, what do we need to do for it?

And "(which) infected capsule" will we burn.

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The challenge is unfortunately still bugged. I ran some solo Arcana bounties on Deimos a few days ago and brought my Ignis. Burning the pods did nothing.

While we're on the subject, the Joyride achievement on Steam is also still bugged, and impossible to obtain if one already completed the challenge in Warframe. A script to unlock the achievement for those who should have it unlocked would be much appreciated.

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I am also ready to call it for War Frame Prospector-OTF. DE doesn't want us in the game, they want the 10 to 16 year old's spending their mom and dads money on the game and then they quit. I have over 9,000 hours in game and almost 13,000 hours total in War frame. When War Frame was sold to China everything changed, why would you sell a game to a company that could not run their own War Frame? Even my friends that bought Excalibur Prime Founders Edition stopped playing and most will NEVER come back. Good Luck Tenno and best of luck. Respectfully, Flyonmywall MR 30

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