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Warframe concept, Sentinel/Gadget Frame


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Description: (Name) uses her/his shoulder mounted turret and array of gadgets to dispatch foes.

Stats - lvl 30

Health 300

Shield 650

Energy 225

Armor 150
Passive: Shoulder turret automatically fires upon enemies in line of sight, Deals elemental damage depending on element picked.

Turret is considered a Exalted weapon and is classified as a rifle.

Turret has a fixed 26m range.
Ability 1: Overcharge, Press once to switch between shoulder turrets elemental damage types, Magnetic, Radiation, Blast and Viral.
Hold ability to Activate Overcharge, overcharge causes shoulder turret to fire 80% faster and cause 1m explosions.

Energy cost - 50

Duration 12 seconds

Affected by Efficiency, Duration and Strength
Ability 2: Proximity mine
Lay down a mine that explodes on proximity, element of explosive is dependent on the selection of ability 1's element. Doesn't consume energy, has a capacity that recharges by 1 every 8 seconds. Mines automatically explode after 120 seconds.

Max capacity - 3

Range(explosion) 7m (not effected by mods)

Affected by Strength.
Ability 3: Shield drone
Creates drone that helps regenerate yours and squadmates shields, shortens shield recharge delay by 50% and Recharge speed by 100%, also releases a burst every 8 seconds that regens 200 shields, if shields are full creates overshield.

Energy cost - 70

Duration 25 seconds

Range - 6m

Affected by Efficiency, Duration(not recharge delay), Range and Strength
Ability 4: Voltaic Munitions
Overcharge your weapon to cause bullets to create arks of energy that chains 30% total damage between every enemy within a radius of the shot target, increases fire rate by 20%,
can chain up to 3 times with each chain doing 33.33% less damage. For weapons that already chain the effect will begin at the chain.

Energy cost- 100

Duration 10 seconds

Range 2.2m

affected by Efficiency, Range, Duration and Strength.

Alternative Ability 2: Barrage.
Fires a volley of homing rockets that seeks out enemies. Doesn't consume energy, has a capacity that recharges by 1 every 12 seconds.

Max capacity - 3

Range(explosion) 2.5m

Rocket amount - 8

Affected by Strength.
Alternative to Shoulder Turret: Exalted Sentinel, with an exalted sentinel weapon

Would function mostly the same except that ability 3 would just activate this sentinels ability instead of spawning a new drone

And instead of it attacking anything in line of sight it'd shoot in an entire 360 degree radius.

Signature weapons

Primary Rifle (Name)
Description: Fast firing medium range rifle with innate 1.5m punch through, secondary fire launches a gravity grenade that pulls nearby enemies together. secondary fire has a seperate ammo pool, gains 1 shot per ammo pickup.

Secondary Pistol (Name)
Description: Dual heavy repeating smart pistols, on headshot bullets will automatically seek out targets head for 1.2 seconds.

The weapons have a modern sci-fi tech look and feel and sound like a mix between a metallic clang and pew pew when they fire.

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