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Help me fill in the info to Port Forward my router properly


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So, this is how the router settings for Port Forwarding look like:


With this, how do I fill things in in order to properly set the Portforward for 4950 and 4955?

Inbound Port and Local Port are really screwing me over here.

Thank you!

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Description: "Warframe 4950"

Inbound Port: 4950 to 4950

Format: UDP

Private IP Address: Your PC's IP Address on your LAN (usually something like "192.168.1.###"), check this with running "ipconfig /all" in a Command Line window and finding your primary ethernet/wifi interface

Local Port: 4950 to 4950


Then add a second virtual server that's the same as above, but inbound and local ports are "4955 to 4955".


Alternatively, you can set inbound and local ports to "4950 to 4955" 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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