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Dojo Design, Build and Destruction Ideas

(XBOX)Aviel of Grehen

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Hi all,

    I couldn't find a "Suggestions Box" email address or anything so I am hoping this finds it way to DE folks. I am currently rebuilding our Dojo to make it more streamlined and eliminate some old dead ends etc.  I am nearly done with the destruction of old rooms, and it was PAINFULLY slow having to wait 2 hours for each component. There must be a way to hasten it. 

   But that isn't the main reason I am writing in. my friends and I were looking at certain rooms and thought "we would like a life size Warframe in that spot!" The Articulas are super cool and would be great, but are too small for what we are planning. There are statues of Graneer, Corpus etc, But there is nothing to celebrate the characters we have all grown to love. Would it be possible to add to the decorations pool some form of statue, Over sized Articula or something that could be placed?

Many thanks,

Aviel of Grehen

Whispers of the Mystics

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Hi! Happy to hear your thoughts on the Dojo!

To address your first point, there isn't necessarily a suggestion box per say, however dojo QoL changes and improvements are actively happening, Helen tries to keep everyone as up to date as she can, commenting on the most recent one is probably to the best way to get your feedback seen. That being said you are hardly alone in experiencing the pains of dojo deconstruction, and they might take that into account in the near future.

Part 1: 

Part 2: 


To address your second point though, I'm not sure that life-size or larger wf statues would ever happen. With a few exceptions, they try to avoid giving us any large-scale prebuilt items like that.

If you want to look into maybe creating one yourself, I've linked a video you might find helpful:


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