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Vizera concept art


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The visual and glair and fair are amazing but the kit is remarkable bland. Dash , heal , sand Storm blood edition , exalted weapon. 

At very least scale his body up on the 4th to a necramech sized Pyle off parts since exalted forms are a thing now.

I've done exalted forms( even before sevagoth )  and making the 4th necramech sized could make it stand out a bit.

As far as skills are concerned what about the first skill just throw away half off the torso. It acts as a turret wherever it lands ( using your secondary, limited to enemies on your cross hair). Recasting pulls the body together dashing towards the position off the torso. 

The seconds skill could be rework to something like a ravenous buff. Whenever you kill something or ener in contact with a cadaver you heal.

Third skill no idea how to improve it.

Here the kit with a exalted form if you to check it out.



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