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Kuva Lich Spawn mechanism when playing with squad




I have a quick question regarding Kuva Lich spawn mechanism.
Is it possible that my squad member's Kuva Lich spawn when I hosted and played on my Kuva Lich's territory, even if there is no overlap between their Kuva Lich's territory and mine?

i.e. my kuva lich territory = Earth, Mars
     Squad member A's kuva lich territory = Lua, Void

Is it possible Squad member A's kuva lich appears when we play together in Earth?

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It is no longer possible to spawn a lich out of its own territory. 

Ranking up a lich makes its territory expand taking 1-3 more planets.

When completing every corrupted node on a planet automatically ranks the lich, so does every failed assassinate.

I like to max rank my lich, so that I can run murmurs almost anywhere.

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1 hour ago, (XBOX)DarkPhoenix5748 said:

It only ups the anger tho.

I think there are different ways to rank up a lich. 

One, is to parazon the lich with the wrong sequence.

Two, is to kick the lich off a planet. Via completing every node on that planet, removing the red completely, this has happened with my last two liches.


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On 2021-05-19 at 9:05 PM, (XBOX)DarkPhoenix5748 said:

wait I don't think they rank up when u complete a node but only when you fail.

'Every node' if you finish every node in an attempt to get them off that planet, the Lich will rank up, level 5 is the max.

They will aways spawn while you finish a planet, they do not want to lose their property. 

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