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Unairu Wisp Spawning on Phahd Scaffold Attacks


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I noticed that enemies hit by my Phahd Scaffold are dropping Unairu Wisps. It appears they may also be having Magnetic Blast applied to them. If the Phahd Scaffold is mistakenly applying the effects of Void Blast to enemies, is it only Unariu's Void Blast abilities or does this happen with other schools as well?

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Update on the bug's behavior:
After an initial void blast, the Phahd Scaffold applies both effects. Before such void blast, it does not.
Is it not limited to Unairu however.  When used with Naramon, after the initial void blast enemies will be confused and often disarmed.
When using Madurai, however, it does not appear to spawn a fireball every time it hits an enemy. 
It is possible this bug may allow for applying Arcane Enhancements like Magus Accelerant at range, among other things.

This is pretty cool and fairly useful, but I imagine it is not intended behavior.

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