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Nightwave act point not stacking propperly


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My Nightwave Acts points don't add up after the latest patch.
After finishing few acts, my counter stoped at 10,000/10,000 for some time, after few missions it jumped to another level with 6,000/10,000, and when I have finished another act worth 7,000, it only gave mi 2500 (I'm currently @ 8500).

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it's a bit confusing the way you described the issue... so if i get you right you say you done a NW challenge that would have get you over the 10k/10k mark and into the next rank of it (it could then only been a 7k worth challenge, i guess) - so before you done that, you had 9k/10k, correct? if so, this might happen when you fullfilled a NW challenge while doing missions/bounties from a 'relay' (i also include the ones on venus, earth and deimos too in this) and the 'jump' to the next rank not happen until you get beck to the orbiter (or after one or more missions from where you are). happens also occasionally (or always, i never really cared checking that out) when you start missions from outside, in the open areas, and fullfill a challenge during that time.

so, add it up, you next done a 7k worth NW challenge which would have get you to 3k into the next rank but you only stand at 2.5k, correct? this would indeed be strange but not unheard of - i remember the very first week of this Nw-interlude where we had a challenge that only gave us 2.5K standing instead of the usual 4.5k one would have expected for it - but this one was at least correctly stating this amount in the description... so maybe there was a copy/paste error by DE? sure wouldn't supprise me since i see those kind of 'bug' every day ^^)

in any case, you should make your description a bit more clear since there are several ways how point would add up to a certain amount (IF they add up correctly too ^^) and also add the 'outline' of the circumstances, like where you did missions from (like i described above, there are several 'starting points' to do this and most of them, beside the 'default' orbiter can have issues including data not being transmitted in time to your account. those issues are usually only temporary and 'fixing' themself when you get back to your ship. or in more technical terms: if you're on your orbiter, then you are the host of this specific 'instance' - in any other case, the dojo, the relay and the cities, the 'host' are DE server and if you start a mission from 'outside' (e.g. in the plains, in one of those huts) the host will be the one who 'started' the original instance (which might be your, or whoever you joined out there). i think there is a periodical data-syncronization in the relay etc... and maybe also to some degree when a player is hosting an instence (meaning again, when running around for hours in the plains and such, doing mission after mission ^^) but i wouldn't count to much on this for i had several 'issues' (mostly because of host-migrations) where i lost all progress on equipment and ofc loot too... DE done something later (i think it was during the orb valis introduction) that at least rewards from missions would be saved if something got fubar in those open areas (which, as you might know happens quite often after a release ^^) sadly, not all information will carry over when that happens and i think DE does not sync anything beside rewards given when the play is outside - and that might very well include your NW points too. and if you then get back into town, you are still not inside your 'own' hosted instance and if DE isn't sync data every minute or less, it might be that you got out of the door again, with a new bounty in hand before they update your account data... it likely will be updated though with the new information you 'brought in', even while you already outside but you might not notice that when looking at the NW status while outside (but then you should see it at least when next visiting the town).

anyway, this is how i think DE doing the 'account-managing' for us since it makes it the most "economical vs safe" way (certainly not the best though) to handle this and they sure put in some failsafe over the years to prevent most of the data-loss situations (not all though ^^)

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